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Posted by springer | Dec 11, 2014 @ 11:30 PM | 43,670 Views
I finally couldn't resist following antigravity's lead with an upscaled OSG. Didn't go quite as far as he (yet) but stopped at 8 foot span. I had sketchup-ed a plan for the large bird a while ago, and decided to build it from MPF (instead of the 4x8 board originally planned). It worked out pretty well, after I realized that I had not kept the proportions and the fuse was about 15" too short, which made her awfully pitch sensitive. Lengthened fuse and added ailerons and flaps and she's now quite the nice soarer. I have only had her out a few times, but she sure looks majestic against the sky. Not too fast with a TP 2410-08 motor and 10x8 folder on 3s 1800mah pack. She climbs leisurely but surely. floats on thermals well, and at that size I can get her way out to find them!

8ft span glider (5 min 54 sec)