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Posted by BAF23 | Sep 29, 2017 @ 05:52 AM | 8,505 Views

In 1960 the Polish factory SZD made another throw at high performance gliding in an attempt to break the German hegemony in this domain. Although still of wooden monocoque construction, their radical Foka (seal) design was extremely pure and streamlined (laminar flow over wings and fuselage), still looking futuristic more than 50 years later. It not only looked good, but after a couple of months gained 3rd place in the 1960 standard class world championship. It later astonished the glider community when the 24 year old Jan Wroblewski entered such 15m Foka4 in the open class and became world champion during the 1965 UK held championship, the one and only time a standard class glider won the open class title, and this in an aerobatic capable (+6 -3G) production glider. Production of the SZD 24 Foka4 ended in 1968 after 204 gliders, of which only 137 found an export customer. It acquired 7 world records with a 1:34 glide ratio, a maximum takeoff weight of 322kg and an initial speed range between 62 and 250km/h. Some are still flying nowadays but are limited in speed to 160km/h and Gs after some disastrous in-flight structural wing breakups.

My Foka shortly after getting airborne on its 3rd flight

Acquisition day 1

At the end of the 2017 flying season I stumbled upon following advertisement on the popular German RC website.
Since the early sixties I had fallen in love with models of the very elegant...Continue Reading