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Posted by BAF23 | Jun 15, 2016 @ 05:46 PM | 13,408 Views
1) the search for a Twin II and a first analysis.

After having neglected the Belgian Air Cadets for decades, a friend of mine suggested I came along with my models for a courtesy visit. Instructors and cadets were very interested and they offered me some time and space to perform demonstrations on the vast Nato reserve airfield of Weelde. An even better deal was that they offered me a couple of winch launches in a Twin Astir, their standard trainer. I try to renew that visit every summer and got the envy to make a model of a Twin I flew in. Because theirs were purchased secondhand on the German market, not 2 of them are painted the same. For ease of seeing it in the air, I opted for the PL91 which in 2013 still sported all-orange flight controls and wingtips.

All BAC Grob 103's are of the Twin AstirII type. A search for a glider model in the 4meter class only came up with Twin Astir III types which have a much different wing shape. Early 2014 I saw an old second hand Twin II for sale by a Dutch modeler and purchased it. Luckily I did because I have encountered none since. That was the good news, the bad news was that the old yellowish model sported rough repairs on the tail and a canopy that held together with Scotch tape over numerous long cracks. The wings were in a nice custom linen bag that also contained wingtip extensions. The 350 euro I had to pay for it was steep considering the overall condition of the 3m55 span model and the very old servo's that were...Continue Reading