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Posted by BAF23 | Feb 04, 2016 @ 04:58 PM | 18,158 Views
Part 1: The assessment

The Cub was never on my list of favorites to buy, but after a PC9 got ruined during delivery due to exposure to a storm on the Tarmac of Vienna, the E-flite Super Cub 25e was close to the reimbursed value and I took it as a compensation. Somewhere it fitted my desire to learn aerotow and fly the Super Cub as still used nowadays by the Belgian Air Cadets as towships . Pilot in picture below is Polle, former F104/F16 colleague who amassed 3000hrs of towing in these Super Cubs and presently flies a civilian one restored by his father in law in the yellow early colors of the Belgian Army AOP's. Although I performed some towing (gliders and banners) in a 135hp Super Cub (OO-VZL), most of my 200 hours Cub flying was done as an instructor (from the back seat).

Being scale 1:6,2 it will be a good match to tow my 1:6,6 scale Parkzone Ka8b that I also vinyled in period Air Cadets colors . Although a quarter scale Super Cub must be better suited for towing, I really didn't feel like assembling and disassembling a strut equipped airplane on the field each time I'd go fly. This 187mm span model can be stocked home and transported fully assembled in my camper, a major advantage. It also is a nice field companion for my recently restored 1:6 scale Fournier RF5b Sperber motorglider in period Air Cadet color scheme

a) A bit of history

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