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Posted by BAF23 | May 21, 2013 @ 04:47 PM | 21,314 Views
As you might have read on my modeler history dedicated (and now illustrated) blog page the number of models exploded in recent years. Living in a 100 square meter apartment and driving the smallest Mercedes (A-Klasse) required ingenuity to combine space available and my rediscovered hobby.

Unwilling to permanently sacrifice the cozy and neutral aspect of my living space, during spring 2011 I opted to change the guestroom into a hobby room. The bed went to my parents and I bought a strong but folding 185x75cm worktable to fill one wall. The other long wall being already completely filled by pullout clothing and shoe racks, and one short side being a front window, the other the hall door, only left 4m60 by 2m20 to build and stock my model aircraft collection. Between the table and window I was able to securely fasten a shelf rail construction from the top to the bottom of the room, using adjustable and different length arms to support a variety of aircraft on a minimal space. The rest of that wall still had a wide wooden plank on which I could hang other models.

As usual build tables quickly fill up, especially when working on relatively long models as the Lander Hawker Hunter. And that was before I permanently established the left side of the table to a vertical drilling station, a Dremel with accessories, separate electrical and butane gas solder stations, lightened magnifying glass, mini table saw, and other...Continue Reading
Posted by BAF23 | May 12, 2013 @ 03:54 PM | 24,624 Views
Experiences with Orange RX3 flight stabilizers (V1 and V2)

After reading the RC group thread in 2012 I ordered 3 stabilizers before V2 came on the market. As you might be aware of through my other blog pages on this forum, I mostly fly enhanced foam scale models which are often critical under anything but very smooth calm air. Those systems had been intended to test on my Funcub, and install in an FMS Spitfire and Art-Tech T6 Texan. A few weeks later, winter came, I got a good bid for my Funcub, and the Version 2 stabilizers became available. Whilst the V1 is always active and sensitive to adjust, V2 can be switched on or off in the air and is less sensitive to adjust.

I quickly decided to mount a V2 in the vast accessible bay of the 1400mm FMS P51 to check the system.

Spring 1013 I took her in the air and assigned switch G (for Gyro) on my Specrtrum DX10t to enable the operation at altitude. I choose that knob because it was far enough from my other controls not to be actuated by accident, yet easily recognizable by feel for actuation with my left hand. I fly mode 2 so wanted my right hand on elevator and aileron during the switch, with my left hand on the G switch ready to disconnect the system in a fraction of a second if things got out of hand. System setup had been straightforward after reading the RC thread experiences of others, but final adjustments were more delicate as anticipated.

After trimming out...Continue Reading