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Posted by Justapoke | Sep 01, 2019 @ 04:40 PM | 1,835 Views
THE Ultimate .. Goggles Battery Pack [Suprisingly Good / Suprisingly Cheap]

After using a few different FPV goggles, and different batterys I've found myself on the search for the best battery pack possible.

I've started out in FPV with the Quanum box goggles and FPV monitors varying from 7 to 10 inches in size, and used regular lipo's for them.

My first "real" goggles where the low budget Eachine EV100 goggles, I liked the EV100 and EV200D batterys, but did not like the short run time / price.
Later I upgraded to the FXT Viper goggle, and also got the Aomway Commander V1 - that I paticurly like because of the low weight.

The Viper needs a fairly large / heavy pack to get the unique box style type goggles to balance, so I bought the Fat Shark 18650 battery pack.
At that time I had the idea that would be the best battery pack possible, I already used 18650 Li-on batterys so while I found the Fat Shark holder fairly expensive I went ahead and started using it.

However I was still not that happy with it. It's a bit hard to push it in the Viper strap, I can't even use the battery indicator properly and for the Aomway I've found it way to large and heavy to my licking. Also the 18650 pack is not always that conveniant to charge.

Than I found these Quanum 2S 1500mAh Head Set batterys on Hobbyking, these works rather well on my Aomway, easy to strap on and fairly cheap to obtain a few. Runtime still not that great however, I've found myself...Continue Reading