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Posted by J Morgan | Aug 28, 2019 @ 07:49 PM | 1,423 Views
Here's the new build thread in Giant Electric Planes forum. It says A-1 model but that was my mistake, the plans are A-4.
Link to it:


I leave in two weeks for the St. George Electric Fly-In out in Utah so won't get much done. Hopefully get a head start on tracing and cutting formers
as there are over 25 of them.
I am going to do my best at keeping it light as possible and will warn you that scale will suffer from that but I also want to
make this a relaxing fun build for me too.
Anyway, the discussion has started and plan on finishing it this winter and maiden it in April at SEFF. So it will be a sort of a long project
but it's a BIG plane too.