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Posted by Nighthawk74 | Jul 14, 2017 @ 03:26 AM | 4,993 Views
A lot of fun in a small package. Read my thoughts in the youtube discription

X-vert multirotor mode indoor testing (4 min 4 sec)

Posted by Nighthawk74 | Aug 26, 2016 @ 04:38 AM | 4,435 Views
It almost flies itself. Here is some footage from a local lake:
Brokholm Sø revisited **Q500** (2 min 23 sec)

Remixed video of the same flight, but with different footage:
At the Lake **Q500** (2 min 16 sec)
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Posted by Nighthawk74 | Aug 23, 2015 @ 01:46 PM | 4,783 Views
Flying the Crack Yak on a corn field. Maybe it was too windy
Crack Yak'n Corn Field (6 min 42 sec)

Posted by Nighthawk74 | Aug 12, 2015 @ 11:24 AM | 5,400 Views
Next step will be to adjust the altitude gains, for smoother camera footage.

Course Lock & RTH **Phantom 2** (4 min 13 sec)

Posted by Nighthawk74 | Aug 08, 2015 @ 11:24 AM | 4,811 Views
Now that I have a Phantom for video footage, it would seem redundant to have a Hornet just lying idle collecting dust. So, I decided to "downgrade" the flight controller, to the original FC 430, that came with the quad. Set the 3-position switch, so there are now 3 flight modes available. Also programmed in the throttle hold, in case of emergency landings
Kept the Carbon Fibre props on, for less vibration than the original plastic ones. Also kept the tail fins on, for orientation purposes.
Heres a little vid:
Hornet 460 w FC 430 backyard action (3 min 33 sec)

Posted by Nighthawk74 | Jul 26, 2015 @ 09:02 AM | 5,471 Views
The Mobius Action Camera is great for alot of RC enthusiasts. It gives us a light weight camera for aerial photography and videography. The firmware keeps improving, adding to the cameras usages. It's great as a dashcam. Recently, I wanted to add some time-lapse footage for an intro. The time-lapse photo option gave me chuncky video, regardless of the editor. So I tried the time-lapse video feature and was blown away.

Mobius v2.37 Time-lapse video *unedited footage* (2 min 58 sec)

For settings check out the youtube video
Posted by Nighthawk74 | Jul 21, 2015 @ 08:05 AM | 4,970 Views
Now that's one hell of a roll rate. I find learning 3D much more difficult, than flying a 90 mph flying wing.

Crack Yak rockin' n' rollin' (2 min 19 sec)

Posted by Nighthawk74 | Jul 18, 2015 @ 05:07 AM | 4,985 Views
The Twisted Hobbys/RC Factory Extra Slick, with a twist. Very different flight characteristics. Both wings are ripped, at bottom, giving it an upwards shape.

It still flies, but rolls take a fortnight

Decided on adding no music for this video.

Extra Slick V wing (3 min 39 sec)

The more wind, the more pressure to the wing structure, giving it an unpredictable flight experience. It was still fun. I had the Crack Yak 55" in the car, but this was so unique to fly, so decided on putting all my packs through it.

Floaty on 2s, agressive on 3s.
Posted by Nighthawk74 | Jul 13, 2015 @ 05:45 AM | 4,433 Views
Too windy for UMs and foamies.
wings (4 min 16 sec)

Delta Kite & Drone flying (2 min 11 sec)
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Posted by Nighthawk74 | Apr 12, 2015 @ 09:45 AM | 5,333 Views
Bad ESC = **whoosh**
fly away (0 min 38 sec)

Got it back and swapped out the bad ESC:
Sundsøre 01 (2 min 58 sec)
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Posted by Nighthawk74 | Sep 19, 2014 @ 05:11 AM | 5,726 Views
All stock Blade 300 X bound to my DX 8. It flies surprisingly well out of the box. The plastic servo gears have held up, so far (4 flights). The tail has no wag, and stays solid.

On idle up though, it makes a strange sound I have never heard before. Not sure if it's canopy resonance, or something else completly. For now I'm still getting the hang of it, so idle up is sometime in the future anyway.

Heres a little vid of the 2nd flight. Nothing fancy, just getting a feel for the bird:

Blade 300 X 2nd flight (3 min 30 sec)

Posted by Nighthawk74 | Aug 29, 2014 @ 12:57 AM | 6,286 Views
This is the plane to get if you want to roll faster than your makita drill. I like the size of the thing. It is very light and suprizingly durable. All up a good investment for anyone wanting to get into 3D or take their game to a new level.

Crack Pitts Mini (3 min 1 sec)

Posted by Nighthawk74 | Jul 02, 2014 @ 05:42 AM | 6,752 Views
All of these videos are without a camera gimball and GPS. It's all hands-on flying The videos at the top are the newest, and the ones at the bottom are the "oldest"
I usually fly with a GoPro at the front facing at an approx. 30deg downwards angle. The GoPro is in it's waterproof housing, and has a cheap 52mm ND4 filter pressed on. On the back of the quad is the mobius w. anti-jello setup (set the to sunny and added the flitetest ant-jello mobius mount)
Hvam Mølle *airbourne* (2 min 55 sec)

Hvam st airbourne (3 min 0 sec)
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Posted by Nighthawk74 | Jun 17, 2014 @ 05:18 AM | 6,613 Views
Only managed to get 13!! flights in before one of the motors crapped out. Tried some v959's, but they lacked power. Checked where I purchased the Alias, and noticed they had some "Black Devil" motors in stock. A guy called Benedict Haak confirmed his company Micro Motor Warehouse made these motors. So I changed out the 959's with the plug'n'play "Black Devils" and now feel the dark side of the force
Alias (dark force) w mobius drop (1 min 34 sec)

LaTrax Alias with Mobius (1 min 44 sec)
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Posted by Nighthawk74 | Jun 03, 2014 @ 06:19 AM | 5,986 Views
New props and canopy. It is a hell of alot easier to see now.

Quad fun (4 min 9 sec)

mQX beetle quad (3 min 48 sec)
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Posted by Nighthawk74 | Mar 04, 2014 @ 06:09 AM | 6,775 Views
130 X stock setup

These videos show the Blade 130 X flying with zero upgrades, bling, subtrim and the like. The tail wag is obvious and will be my first fix.

130 X at sundown (2 min 10 sec)

130 X stock hovering (3 min 28 sec)
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Posted by Nighthawk74 | Feb 23, 2014 @ 12:39 AM | 6,816 Views
2014 all about the Crack

RC Factory/ Twisted Hobbys products take a beating better than most. They are easy to fix and cheap. Most of my retailers sell their stuff, so it's a good choice for my crummy flying

Finally getting the hang of hovering:
Extra Slick Hovering (2 min 39 sec)

Crack Yak 2nd flite:

Crack Yak 55 vs. Wind (2 min 30 sec)
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Posted by Nighthawk74 | Jan 22, 2014 @ 07:30 AM | 6,499 Views
January 2014

Most of my flying is indoors, due to the cold/dark/windy weather outside

Blade mCPX GoPro vs Mobius [1080p 30fps] (2 min 26 sec)

I have also managed to *upgrade* my first TelinK Toro 900 with a 3S battery configuration. It's alot quicker now, but much less floaty (have the 2S version for that)
Posted by Nighthawk74 | Nov 06, 2013 @ 10:29 AM | 6,747 Views
Summers gone and it's getting cold

Summers Gone! (3 min 16 sec)

Pearl Jam'in
Autumn Fall youtube (3 min 14 sec)
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