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Posted by Rob Knox | Oct 16, 2012 @ 04:10 AM | 6,098 Views
Some months ago, my brother, John, handed me his Piper Pawnee. It's an ARF balsa electric model.
Wing span is 62" and flies VERY well.
Anyway, the plan was to repaint it and get Callie
to do the decals for me.
I have customised the model after the Pawnee 235 which my Dad flies as a Tug Pilot for the Darling Downs Soaring Club. Dad is an amazing bloke. 74years old, still swims a mile a day and is still flying full size.
Anyway, in his honor I have completed this project.

The simplest part, I thought, was going to be the re-spray; boy was I wrong!
Spraying directly onto model film covering is impossible.
The paint pools and runs. Very untidy. I had to buy some plastic undercoat spray to prep the surface to take the paint.
Anyway, I still had to apply MANY very light coats in order to avoid paint runs, and I still wasn't very successful there.

Finally, the painting was finished and it was time to apply Callie's fabulous decals.
The hardest decals were the stripes running the the length of the fuselage, and where they met the control rods for the rudder and elevator.
Have any of you been applying decals the length of the fuselage and had them touch down before you were ready? It is a deadset bugger.
I ended up having to cut the stripe on one side and re-angle it. Don't look too closely.

Below are the pics from the concept, up to post maiden flight..
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