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Posted by Thunder50BMG | Feb 27, 2019 @ 04:29 PM | 3,336 Views
I am testing the water on building model hovercraft and decided as my first build the GRIFFON 2000TD Model hovercraft. I have zero knowledge on this area but, with a good plan and a buddy of mine HARRY HOLT has been a very patient guy to gave me some advice all the way from Thailand.

Not like with Multi-rotors, this build is just taking too much time for me and with zero knowledge 'bout took forever for me to build. It's a huge platform at 1060mm long and 500mm wide.

I bought this insulation foam board 1" thick and cut it to size for the deck and used a regular foam for the cabin. I did not follow the regular round duct for the thrust motor for I want it to look different and use wood for the vanes for rudder. I used a REVERSIBLE Esc for the thrust motor with 10" 3 blade prop to be able to run reverse if needed.

Here is the plan:

Buy the skirt here :

Close-up pix and video: