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Posted by Thunder50BMG | Dec 25, 2018 @ 07:05 PM | 16,022 Views
First off, the title says Dualcopter* Next level simply because this platform is using a DUALCOPTER Motor LAY-OUT. As same old story, someone will argue that this is NOT a dualcopter anymore for it has 3 motors now ,whatever makes you happy call it anything you want.
I have been building same old pre-historic dualcopters with 2 motors and it's same old boring platform and decided to bring it to the next level and added a 3rd bigger motor at the bottom for extra push going up. Both servo direct drive smaller motors can handle the platform weight but, with added third motor, it's making it more easy for them for they are only using a 7" tri blade props and the third bigger motor is using a 9" prop.

Mini KK2.1 RC911 R4 SL MIX Fw / 2x HXM2730 3000KV Motors / 2x HK 30A SimonK ESC's / 1x 20A ESC's ( 3rdMOTOR) / 2x POWER UP 17g Analog SERVOS / 2x 7 " HQ Tri props / 1x 9" APC Prop / 1x 13 " MTM Scratchbuilt Platform

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Posted by Thunder50BMG | Dec 07, 2018 @ 01:05 PM | 15,941 Views
Not much to say, just another fun build with added twist to a PENTACOPTER platform. Originally design by Nebbian of this thread but, added another horizontal motor for more yaw control.
Can't complain the way it's flying and something not so boring to fly.

Will add the specs later or maybe not.

Close-up pics:


PENTACOPTER * The NEXT LEVEL # 2 * Maiden (6 min 1 sec)
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