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Posted by Thunder50BMG | Feb 02, 2018 @ 04:53 PM | 19,398 Views
First off, not my design. A friend of mine pointed me on this project (Nebbian) of Tom Stanton at YT and the design catches my attention and time is on my side so I decided to build my KK2 version and see if I could get it to the air. With total PID tweaking, it did flew and nothing to complain and handles pretty well on a tight space.

Tom uses 3D printer for some of his parts,like the yaw system, motor mounts and servo mounts and LG's but, I have no 3D printer and honestly,I'm not a fan of 3D printers. So ,I built mine with Flite test yaw system, wood and Alum. LG and more as showed in the pix.

KK2.1.5. Mini / 2x : Sunnysky X2212-13 980 KV / Emax ES3104 Servos / 2X : Flite test yaw system / Scratchbuild Platform

Close-up pix and Maiden videoe:

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