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Posted by Donaldsneffe | Apr 25, 2011 @ 05:27 AM | 16,788 Views
MIA S300 - Nine Eagles Bravo SX / Solo Pro mod

This MIA S300 heli with Nine Eagles Bravo SX parts flies fantastic. It easier to handle, more stable, much better in turns, and faster than the (very well flying) NE Bravo SX (and by far better than all my Solo Pros). Additionally the S300 is much more silent than the (very lound) Bravo SX, even the Solo Pro is much louder.
I have several fixed pitch helis (several Solo Pros with different mods, several Bravo SX, CB100, 4#3B), the S300 is my favorite one. It is the best flyer of all, the by far best „lander“, and it looks quite nice.
I have built this heli in December 2010. The MIA kit is easy to assemble, to fit the Bravo SX main frame needs a bit of surgery – the tail boom bracket of a second main frame has to be cut out and glued into the frame for the MIA heli, if the MIA tail boom is used.
I have reported these mods already in December in this and a German forum. But since the pictures of those posts are not available any more (server died) and I have been asked several times fort he MIA S300 Bravo SX, now again a report.

This report is dedicated to frieslander, who "forced" me to write my own blog!


From MIA microflight (

• „MIA S300 Scale Frame Kit - mSR, mCX, Solo“ (US$ 19.99)
• „MIA S300 Scale Canopy Kit“ (US$ 9.99)
Shipment is cheaper, if you ask Sylvia from MIA – I paid only US$ 8.50 to Austria (Europe).

• A Nine Eagles Bravo SX (
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