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Posted by Fidy$Trainer | Aug 02, 2019 @ 08:48 AM | 1,526 Views
This is my primo build. Highly recommend if your looking for a light agile 2" that looks super cool and flies awesome.

GEPRC 12a 4-1 AIO FC
1104 6000kv motors for power 1103 7500-8000kv for lighter more balanced flying.
Runcam Nano2 camera with optional adapter. (get two they melt deform and break causing jello after 20 or so flights)
AKK Nano2. Not recommend because it's too large. Get the Eachine Nano or HGLRC Nano, get the 20*20 you printed stack from banggood for the TBS Nano to mount the HGLRC or eachine stack.
With these motors the toothpick 65mm props don't work. I use the GF 2540 there awesome but the Emax AVAN 2.5" props are better. On a 2s GNB 450 they get about 4minutes. This setup is designed for a 3s 550 GNB for blistering performance.
To get smart audio solder up green wire from vtx to tx1 on FC go into BF under ports setup urart1 on periphials to TBS SmartAudio.
Video wire from camera goes to Vi(Video In). Video wire from VTX goes to Vo(out) on FC.

Setup current sensor to 210 on BF

Let er rip tater chip!