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Posted by Fidy$Trainer | Jul 31, 2019 @ 12:51 PM | 1,446 Views
So If your interested in getting a SlamNasty 3" frame here are some pics that might help with your build. I'll add some notes. I will say to start it's a very heavy frame for a 3" AUW porking it out at144g. It's a very sexy frame and seems very sturdy. I doubt this will become a popular frame for several reasons. 1) Price at $40 it's pretty pricey. I think were all spoiled by Cheapie China.
2) It's very heavy. Did I say it's heavy? LOL that's an understatement.

Considering you can get a 3" frame that weighs half and cost half as much it's not the most logical choice but it is sexy. The frame is well layed out 20x20 stacks with 3mm screw mounts. Not sure why they did this. I used some wire sheathing to fill in the gaps on the 3mm holes. Lots of room and protection for the camera. The camera mount is isolated with 2 TPU standoff's and two screws that add friction when adjusted to the topplate to even better isolate jello in flight.

RCX 1407 4000kv motors--- Make sure you have screws that will fit through the 4mm arms. You dont want them to long where your grounding out on the motor windings.
Eachnie Nano VTX -- This gets very hot. BG has a TBS Nano 20x20 TPU stack plate. I would suggest getting one so it's easier to mount. I cut to of the ears off and mounted twoards the rear at an angle. Another option would have been to get longer 2mm spacers and create another stack but then you would need to go with the longer spacers and since we want...Continue Reading