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Posted by Kmot | Oct 10, 2019 @ 06:20 PM | 1,170 Views
This plane was built and flown in 2006 and 2007. Last time out it had a hard landing and broke the nosegear bulkhead, broke the right main landing gear wood blocks, and broke the right wingtip. I hung it up in my workshop and there it has hung for 12 years.

I recently decided to get it going again. I repaired the nosegear bulkhead and cut away the crushed wingtip and replaced it and recovered it.

The engine was spotless inside and only needed some fresh oil.

I replaced the old FM radio with a newer 2.4 gHz version.
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Posted by Kmot | Sep 29, 2019 @ 04:57 PM | 888 Views
This is the FMS 1400mm "Sky Trainer 182". I suppose due to licensing issues they did not use the Cessna brand name.

Beautiful scale model.

Posted by Kmot | Sep 29, 2019 @ 11:14 AM | 935 Views
Japanese version of the Me-163 Komet. This one has a cool paint scheme.
Posted by Kmot | Sep 14, 2019 @ 11:01 PM | 1,299 Views
Today, I converted a Hewlett Packard 500W PSU to a 12V DC bench top power supply to use with RC battery chargers. I cut off 53 wires and 10 connectors. I grouped like wires together and then covered them with heat shrink tubing. I soldered 6 12V leads and 6 ground leads each in parallel. I soldered the power on signal wires together so that the power supply turns on when plugged into 120V AC. When I was finished I connected my Turnigy quad charger to the converted PSU and the charger lit up and then I charged a 2200 3S LiPo at 8.36 amps. Pretty cool.
Posted by Kmot | Sep 11, 2019 @ 09:52 PM | 912 Views
House of Balsa Me-109. I built it in 1974, or maybe 1975. It had a Cox TD .049 engine. The radio was an Aero Sport from Hobby Shack. The servos were standard size, the receiver battery was a 4-cell NiCd pack. The plane was heavy. Hand launching it, I would give a mighty heave while the TD was screaming. It would dip, almost smack the ground, and slowly gain flying speed. Once it was flying, it hauled like a raped ape.

Being without a throttle, you just flew till it ran out of fuel. And then hoped you made it back to the runway. The last time I flew it, it did not make it back to the runway. It landed off in the dirt field. But since it had rained recently, it was soft dirt. So no damage happened. I put the plane away and moved onto another model as I was just starting in RC and was excited about getting new planes.

I kept this HoB Me-109 with me for decades, Wherever I moved too, it came along. In 1996 I moved into my current house. I have a metal storage shed out back. The Me-109 was stored in this shed along with a couple of other models from my early RC days. In 2005 (hard to believe 14 years ago already!) I was playing with the idea of getting it into flying shape again. Unfortunately, it had become so brittle that after taking these photos, it crumbled when I tried to take it apart. So I saved the pilot bust and the engine and scrapped the airframe.

I restored the engine a few years ago, and it is ready to be used again if the opportunity ever arises.

Posted by Kmot | Aug 09, 2019 @ 04:13 PM | 1,889 Views
I did not know much about Merco engines, except that I recalled the brand name from being in the hobby all of my adult life. I did not even know that they were made in England. Until recently, that is.

I had been thinking of getting a Merco, mostly because it seemed to be a somewhat obscure brand of engine and I wanted one for my collection. How wrong I was! Thanks to the website Sceptre Flight, which has dozens of old engine reviews from the long gone print magazines, I learned just how much the Merco was revered back in the day, and what a world champion caliber competition engine it really was.

But before I had read any of those old articles, I had purchased from the RCG classifieds, a well used and castor oil coated Merco .61 Mark I. I intended to tear it down, and rebuild it.

This particular engine was frozen solid like a rock! The old, dried castor oil had welded every part to each other. It took copious amounts of heat to get anything to loosen up so that I could disassemble something as simple as the back plate. To get the cylinder out I had to machine a drift from bronze, and use a lead hammer while wearing thick leather gloves to protect my hands from the searing heat due to having to super heat the crankcase to loosen up the burnt on, dried out castor oil residue.

Once I had the engine completely disassembled, I soaked the parts in an ultrasonic cleaner with a diluted cleaner concentrate. That took care of most of the old castor oil but some of the parts
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Posted by Kmot | Aug 09, 2019 @ 12:56 AM | 1,533 Views
This is my 2nd Flyzone Beaver. This is the Island Wings version, a much prettier livery. This one I have made into a float plane. My other Beaver was strictly on conventional landing gear and tundra tires.

This one I coated with Minwax polycrylic. I also added the "steps" to the float supports. And I detailed the faux radial engine. I also added an electronic switch so that I can turn the navigation lights off if I wish.

Maiden voyage and flight soon.
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Posted by Kmot | Jul 08, 2019 @ 12:30 AM | 4,549 Views
This is a "Rocket Victor .45" from 1945. It was manufactured by the May Motor Company. George May was the proprietor and designer.

It was probably a "budget" motor back in the day as it is made from low cost materials and methods. Such as, a stamped steel connecting rod, three piece stamped steel crankshaft, steel piston with a sheet metal baffle bolted to the top. It has no bushings, let alone bearings. The needle valve is aluminum with what looks like a tapered nail. But, it is cool looking! The exhaust stack is classic! And the points adjusting lever looks like an old fashioned gearshifter.

This engine had a lot of field repairs done to it. Most of the screws are not original. There was a hole drilled into the top of the fuel tank and later plugged and epoxy glue applied. There was some epoxy glue on the backplate too. Two of the cylinder hold down screw holes are stripped and drilled out and larger screws and nuts in place.

I disassembled it and cleaned all the parts. The back plate has a sheet metal rotor staked to a drum and it broke off because the drum was stuck inside the back plate with dried castor oil. I repaired it, It needs a spark plug. In the mean time it has a glow plug installed. It has good compression and pops nicely when flipped over.

I just happened to have a vintage, custom made motor mount that I got years ago. Never knew what it was designed for. Well, it fits the Rocket like it was made for it. Coincidence?

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Posted by Kmot | Mar 27, 2019 @ 10:18 PM | 9,836 Views
This model is specified to us a 4S battery. I did the maiden on a 3S because I wanted to see if it would be doable. And it was. It had enough power and flew on the wing, very scale like.

I used the same battery yesterday, fully charged. However when I got to the runway a 3D guy asked if I could wait while he did his routine. So I waited for around 15 minutes until he landed. My plane was "on" but not using any servos.

I took off and did not even make a second lap around the field before it had lost so much power it could not stay in the air and crashed into the tall weeds just short of the runway. No damage thankfully because the weeds are fresh and soft from all the recent rains.

I then inserted my second battery, the same type and size as the other one. This time it flew as expected, and because the other battery spooked me I only flew it for a few minutes. But when I got back to the pits the cells were still over 4 volts each so I could have gone longer.

But I have proved my point to myself. I think in the future I will use 4S batteries.

Taft Models Fly Baby on a 3S battery. Short flight. (3 min 3 sec)

Posted by Kmot | Mar 23, 2019 @ 06:56 PM | 9,822 Views
I flew this guy several years ago. The engine would not idle and it was a bit of a pain. Recently I ran about a half gallon of fuel through the engine, trying to get it more broken in, It idles a little lower, but not enough. And it dies when idling. PITA. So I just started it on the runway and let it go from there. Flys really nicely and the motor does sound really good.

World Models P-56 Paulistinha Flight No1 (8 min 11 sec)

Posted by Kmot | Mar 11, 2019 @ 05:41 PM | 11,086 Views
Redcat recently came out with a very scale looking IH Scout II body mounted on an all new chassis. It is a little larger than the Gen 7 Everest model they have.

This new Gen 8 comes with molded light buckets so it is easy to install headlight and tail light LED's.

It is a very impressive model at a very reasonable price.

Freckles the Beagle and Redcat Gen 8 IH Scout II (3 min 42 sec)

HDV Kmot Bronco (0 min 51 sec)
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Posted by Kmot | Feb 04, 2019 @ 02:30 PM | 14,651 Views
Epidemic in Heavy Rain (3 min 55 sec)

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Posted by Kmot | Jan 07, 2019 @ 04:13 PM | 16,841 Views
So now my Firebird has been relegated to being a parking structure for model airplanes!
Posted by Kmot | Nov 29, 2018 @ 09:58 PM | 16,398 Views
After nearly 5 years of ownership and many flights, I lost my Flyzone DH-2 Beaver to the RC demons on Wed 11-27-2018.

I was using a new Spektrum DX8 Gen 2 transmitter, with the same receiver that had always worked on my DX7s transmitter. Don't know what went wrong, but it acted like it went out of radio range and went into failsafe mode.

The fuselage is too damaged to repair. Firewall is broken, and it was molded inside the foam when the fuselage was made, so no easy way to replace it. The landing gear supports are twisted and broken out. The landing gear plate on one of them is all bent out of shape. The motor mount is bent severely. I just decided to pull the electronics out and call it a done deal.

Beaver Crash (3 min 38 sec)

Posted by Kmot | Nov 05, 2018 @ 11:50 PM | 16,617 Views
I bought a 1400mm P-40B made by FMS and it arrived about a week ago. I started assembling it a few days ago and did some detail painting to it.

It has many plastic pieces that are molded in color but they do not match the paint. I wanted all the pieces to match so I took the elevator assembly to Lowes to have the three colors computer matched and get sample bottles of each paint. As it turns out only the green was a perfect match. The gray was too dark and the olive drab was just totally wrong.

At first I painted the plastic pieces with the gray paint, but it really bugged me that they were darker. So I ended up mixing some paint myself to get a better match. Not perfect but a lot closer. I also tried to mix up some of the olive drab brown but could not get a match. However I came up with something better than the maroon looking stuff that Lowes made.

I also had Lowes make up some zinc chromate green for me and I used that inside the wheel wells and flaps.

I painted the gear doors and inside the wheel wells. I painted over the clear plastic surrounds on the navigation lights. I painted the nav light lens' on the vertical fin. I painted the pitot tube. I painted the exhaust stacks. I airbrushed some exhaust smoke stains on the side of the fuselage. I painted the spinner. I softened the hard edge of the green camo around the cockpit and canopy. I painted the machine gun barrels flat black. And I made decals for the hub caps.

When I had installed the radio I
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Posted by Kmot | Oct 04, 2018 @ 06:25 PM | 17,206 Views
Anyone remember these?

Mine broke down 10 years ago. I let someone drive it and they were hammering on it pretty good. I thought the diff had blown. I parked it in my shed and left it. Decided a couple of weeks ago to try to get it going again. Turned out one of the motor mount brackets sheared in half. I made a new bracket. Cleaned it up and was ready to try to start it. Pressed on the primer bulb and it crumbled from old age. I found new carbs on eBay for $15 shipped. Got the carb installed and she fired right up. But my linkage was catywampus at first. Got it adjusted and drove a couple laps in the backyard.

My Beagle likes to chase RC cars. She has never seen such a large RC car as this! lol...
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