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Posted by Herb | Mar 29, 2019 @ 02:39 PM | 15,464 Views
I've had a few F/A-18's edf over the years, and it's nice that Freewing re-visits the Hornet with some new major improvements

A few details on the new release are given here :




and more sites list Freewing products :





Here the length is supposed to be 155cm and the wingspan around 103cm, whereas the original has a length of 17.1m and a wingspan of 12.3m


giving the model a scale of 17.1/1.55 = 11.03 : 1 scale based on the length, or 12.3/1.03 = 11.94 based on the wingspan (or simply 11 to 12-th scale).

Here's a link to the old Freewing one (96cm wingspan) with thrust vectoring :


It seems similar in size to the Starmax one (104cm? wingspan) I just retired :


which flew nicely on a JetFan 90mm 6S setup, in spite of the fact that the F/A-18 is a notoriously draggy airframe.

Before that, I had a beer cooler foam one from banana which also flew quite well on a WeMoTec 90mm fan :



Edit : Videos added


F-18C Hornet by Freewing 90mm JetFan - Maiden (3 min 26 sec)


F-18C Hornet by Freewing JetFan 90 - 2nd Flight (3 min 32 sec)


F-18C Hornet by Freewing 90mm JetFan - 3rd Flight (3 min 41 sec)


F-18C Freewing 90mm - Five Easy Landings (2 min 6 sec)


F-18C Hornet by Freewing - Lazy 4-th of July Flying - 4K UHD (4 min 26 sec)


F-18C Hornet by Freewing - Lazy 4-th of July Flying 2 - 4K UHD (3 min 48 sec)