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Posted by Herb | Mar 03, 2017 @ 01:21 PM | 59,097 Views
I just got this new FMS 80mm inrunner motor plastic fan from China,





For $76 it includes (what looks like) a nice inrunner motor, and that was the main reason for buying it. Many of these chinese fans nowadays include some $10 junk outrunner motor that I really don't care about

I am not familiar with that particular motor brand ("Predator") ... we shall see

So far it seems from the FMS and Bangood sites, there is only one version of this fan with a 3270 2000kv motor.

Different measurements that people might or might not get could depend on a weak battery, incorrect transmitter endpoints, free-standing vs. installed in edf jet, and wrong esc setup (wrong timing not suited to a 4-pole inrunner) etc.

EDIT : Now there is also a softer 1930kv inrunner motor version (see later below).