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Posted by Herb | Oct 17, 2009 @ 02:21 PM | 74,512 Views
Here's my latest project, a large FlyFly (or Fly Fly ) F-86 Sabre a la JePe Fast Foam,




The model's wingspan is around 55.9 inches, the length around 55.5 inches.

The original Sabre had a wingspan of around 37 feet, so that gives the model a 1:7.9 scale.

I entirely glassed the foam airframe using multiple layers of 3/4 oz glass cloth & laminating epoxy.
Now it flies on a 90mm fan on 9S lipos (4000mAh 40C's) at ca. 2900 W.
Weight rtf is around 8.3 lbs, so it's rather lightweight for its size - but nevertheless still reasonably fast and jet-like.

Here are the original instructions. An inspiration on the surface prep was the Dutch Master JePe Fast Foam site: http://jepe.org/

The main motivation for the project was to have a nice lightweight F-86 Sabre in the 90mm fan range, suitable for some
moderate aerobatics.

F-86 Maiden video (Jan 2010), lands like a glider :

F-86 Sabre EDF (JePe Fast Foam) FlyFly (2 min 50 sec)

Edit Sep 7: Added Guy H's pictures (Canon 7D) .

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