Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Sep 04, 2017 @ 04:42 PM | 3,021 Views
I am finally getting my 'work shop' together
...more like a tool pile lol

I AM SO DANG HAPPY because I successfully removed the bearings from my oily FA-72 (#1) using a $30 1000W Top Flite Heat gun, oil, blocks of wood, rubber mallet, and socket wrench parts.

This is a big deal to me. I have never done such a thing--it was easy.

No Arbor Press needed, so far.
It would be nice. Maybe later.
I could have used an oven but prefer a heat gun.

Now i will give this engine a decent cleaning. I bought it used--it looked clean but was filled with some stinky oil--probably Klotz.
The 2 bearings are crap but thats okay.

I remember looking at the nitro glow 4-strokes about 10 years ago. I admired them but found thier price and complexity intimidating.

After seeing the ultra-complex full scale aero engines used during WWII, i find these little 4-strokes much simpler.

These 4-strokes are fun, sound rad, have better mpg, and can last a long time on one glow plug. Piston Rings are ideal for low cost. The engines can last a lifetime with proper care.

Used engines can be affordable. Often they may need some TLC. This is where the specific tools become handy

It may be no surprise that new bearings are needed with used engines. Unless the seller said otherwise...

Bearings are not a small job. It becomes much easier once ya get some experience
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The Bfight 210 is a solid FPV racer. With 267 grams nice light and well built. All components are up-to-date like the 30A DSHOT 600 ESC's or the 25-200mW video transmitter, which is configurable via the spark. The FPV camera is a 1177 CCD camera with 2.1mm lens for super visibility which is very good when landing and flying. Everything is already preconfigured with current Betaflight 3.1.7 and blHeli 16.6 Simply bind to your transmitter and fly.
A camera mount is missing, but it can be used by Wizard X220S. And there is no Beeper, which you have to be soldered.

Get BFight 210 FrSky for $ 91.11 - Coupon: BF210FPV1188
($91.11 only FrSky Version )

Get BFight 210 from Gearbest
BFight 210 Flysky –

BFight 210 FPV - bester BNF Racer 2017 - Unboxing Teil 1 - nur 130€ (3 min 17 sec)

Video 1 - BFight 210 FPV - Unboxing

BFight 210 bester FPV Racer 2017 Flug - LOS - FPV - Runcam 3 - Teil 2 (3 min 24 sec)
...Continue Reading
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I just touched down less than an hour ago, after waiting for a lull in the wind. The forecast initially said winds up to 16 mph. OK, no problem. It's always good to get some IMAC practice in less than ideal conditions, since the weather can be equally bad on contest days.

After taking off I immediately ran into turbulent air. It tossed my big Extra around like a plaything. I had to nose into the wind hard to maintain a vertical up line. As I slowed to a stop for the hammerhead the plane drifted about a hundred feet downwind. It was a wild ride!

After landing the weather report said winds were 16 gusting to 24. I was lucky to get this bird safely back on the ground. (I can't imagine what living through Hurricane Harvey was like. It's hard to appreciate good weather until you're stuck in the bad.)

I waited two hours for the winds to calm down a bit before making a second flight, then called it a day.

Windy Day at AirMasters RC Field (0 min 15 sec)

Posted by Jack Crossfire | Sep 04, 2017 @ 04:05 PM | 2,640 Views
Figured no-one would get a 4k video of it, because it was too difficult for the current generation. No-one did, except for 1 Korean professor who came around the world with a very large telescope.

The panning shot was fully automated. It claims to have an accoustic reduction gear but uses a DC motor, so it could be a bit of marketing wank. In the automated pan, it's remarkable to see the detail of the moon's mountains & the entire firey surface of the sun. Only with a shade in space can these details be seen. The atmosphere scatters too much light from the sun's center for a ground based shade to work. It makes it almost worth getting a 4k monitor.

Among other predictions, no-one got a locked down timelapse from a quad copter. No-one got a 360 video from a mountain top. In the coming weeks, a few other timelapses of Mount Jefferson appeared which were better than the lion kingdom's.

Solar Eclipse 2017 - Mt Jefferson Oregon. Time lapse (0 min 23 sec)

For some reason, people don't know how to upload higher than 320x240.
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Once again a Walkera Mod...

I wanted a smaller headset that could accommodate glasses. I've looked around and most are of the refrigerator box type like my current headplays. I found some Walkera Goggle 4s on Feebay for $60 that I think were used for a review or something because the clear plastic wrap was still on them and they looked as though they were never used. They came in the original box which also looked new

Anyway I tried them out and found the following:

1. Not comfortable on the cheek bones
2. A lot of light leaking in from around the face pads, vents in the sides, around the split in the middle of the two halves and also through the white plastic.
3. The screen looked distorted and kind of bland
4. The receiver was Blah... Even with my patches, 12 turn helical!!!, Airblades, Mad Mushroom, aomways and the TrueRC X2 air antenna.... it still wasn't very good
5. Battery is not changeable!!!


I did find some positives
1. Light on the head
2. Nice form factor
3. Voltage display on the screen that blinks to let you know when the battery is close to dying
4. Overall nice looking

As with all things Walkera... you have to Mod their stuff to make it right. This goes back all the way to 2006 when I first flew their 4#3 copters. Nothing Walkera makes is 100% done and nothing they make is fully thought out. They are great for coming up with nice looking designs but usually fail in execution, customer service and quality control. If Walkera was...Continue Reading
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This is the Unboxing, Maiden Flight, & Review video for the Blade F-27 FPV UMX RC Plane.

Blade F-27 FPV UMX RC Plane Unboxing, Maiden Flight, & Review (16 min 59 sec)

In the video I unbox, fly it with onboard FPV footage via my Fatshark Dominator V3 FPV Goggles and review it after the flight for a comprehensive video about this plane. This plane could also be called the UMX Stryker FPV.

Here are my review notes:

- Uses my favorite batteries
- Flies nice
- The take-off feature is great
- Handles wind well
- Has 150mw FPV system used by the Blade Torrent 110 FPV Racer
- Looks nice and has plastic protectors for belly landing
- Has new foam for added durability

- The radio setup with my Spektrum DX6 was different than shown in the manual to shift between flight modes.
- Battery bay is too short to adjust for CG and nose heaviness
- The recommended settings for the take-off feature may cause some crashes.
- The camera arrived very dirty and has ok camera quality
Posted by GBLynden | Sep 04, 2017 @ 02:03 PM | 2,556 Views
This is my Outdoor FPV Flight Review for the King Kong Tiny 6 Micro FPV Racing Drone. It is the BNF version that is essentially a Tiny Whoop that comes with one battery and a charger.

King Kong Tiny 6 Micro FPV Racing Drone Outdoor FPV Flight Review (4 min 41 sec)

I got this from and you can get one too by clicking on this link:

This is very similar to all of the Blade Inductrix models, but is most like the Blade Inductrix FPV Pro. I also flew this with my Spektrum DX6, which helped me compare how it flies to the other Inductrix quads with the same radio for a more accurate comparison.

- It is fun!
- It is very stable
- It is very similar to the Blade Inductrix FPV Pro at a fraction of the cost
- The 800TVL camera is good
- Good flight time
- It is durable

- The wind caught it a few times and pulled it out of the sky
- The yaw isn't impressive but not noticeable outside
- Setup in Betaflight was a learning experience
- Binding it was a bit of a challenge
Posted by readysetdrone | Sep 04, 2017 @ 01:56 PM | 2,527 Views
We review the Deyard case for the DJI Spark.
It's a rigid yet flexible case for the DJI Spark and claims to be waterproof.
We put it to the test to find out!
Waterproof DJI Spark Case Tested and Reviewed (8 min 33 sec)

Posted by Phil Ciborowski | Sep 04, 2017 @ 01:28 PM | 9,702 Views
Figured that since Photobucket has screwed most of us with hosting images, I should just make my own site. I use Weebly at work for my classroom site, and like the features, so I figured why not make my own. It has a ton of pictures on it, but will be updated frequently as I take new/better images of builds.

But for now, hope you take time and stop by!

Posted by natester | Sep 04, 2017 @ 01:15 PM | 7,652 Views
I was curious what the best camera low light camera for the money is, so I ordered a bunch of low-light FPV cameras and tried them out. This article details what I found. The RunCam Owl Plus 2 is 350% more expensive than the least expensive camera. Is it that much better?

You can read the whole, formatted article with test setup details and analysis here:

Here are the cameras I compared.

And here is the youtube video comparison:

FPV Camera Comparison (3 min 8 sec)

Posted by simofly | Sep 04, 2017 @ 11:57 AM | 1,492 Views
I really like this FC , I think I'll soon get one !
I love the idea Joshua Bardwell work with them and I think the foam is really a good idea , even if t's not the perfect solution ....and the price is very good indeed
Posted by aldibotz | Sep 04, 2017 @ 11:18 AM | 1,529 Views
Hello everyone,this is my first thread , so my team and i want to build an autopilot Vehicle for my school project which is using some servo and other sensor, we are planning to use Arduino UNO for controlling the Main Feature of the vehicle and using Pixhawk 2.4.8 (flight controller),and gps for controlling the movement of the Vehicle.The vehicle is running/operating in surface (not in air).

The problem is we want the flight controller to send some signal/data to the arduino when the vehicle reaches its waypoint , is there any way to do it ?

Sorry for my bad english
Posted by weathervane | Sep 04, 2017 @ 10:18 AM | 3,738 Views
Spent some quality time in the shop.
I fired up both the 3D printer and CNC machine.

Started out printing some parts for my youngest sons plane. Nothing special, just a new battery box for his Slow Stick. Just under a 2 hour print. I had to file them down a bit to fit the boom. After about 10 min of work they fit. It holds the battery much better than the stock unit.

While the printer was running, I decided to make a few wing core test cuts with my CNC hot wire. My first two test cuts were only 9 inches wide. The cut path looked good. So I decided to up the wing span to 27 inches. Figuring the wingspan was wider, I decided to slow the feed rate down. I went from 3 IPM down to 1IPM. It turned out to be to slow. So I will be turning up the rate to 1.5IPM on the next test. Now all of this will change when I change over to EPP foam.

Regardless I'm making progress. And that's what counts.
Posted by OrtisFlow | Sep 04, 2017 @ 09:31 AM | 1,966 Views
First read the manual set 25mw for your VTX and unplug it...
Bind your tx...
Check everything is fine...
Then look at the pictures for the rest...

Then use blheli suite to enable programming tx...
Disconnect from blheli, unplug battery then re plug...
Reconnect blheli, calibrate your escs... if you follow pictures, use 1000-1900.
When done reconnect to blheli and disable programming tx!
Then you are done with calibration, unplug battery...

At this step you should be done to check if your motors heats while hovering also it should fix vibrations...

I know I suck at explanation... I'm not teacher in mind...
Ask if u feel stuck......Continue Reading
Posted by OrtisFlow | Sep 04, 2017 @ 08:40 AM | 1,540 Views
Hey readers,

There all the truth, all of these has been bought.
They offered me to review them without any gift...
The seller sent me an esc more... for waiting the factory to craft some motors no more on the market...
So I've some new Sunnysky R2205 2500kv to replace the momentarily dead 2300kv(waiting bearing for these)!
They are super smooth til you crash!!
They uses 4mm hollow shaft using external circlip.
Only cruft the bearings are more shiny than durable...(NMB 840zz)
Don't crash you gonna RIP the bearing for good!
Must find a ball bearing provider for these...
To me it's required unless you wanted to play with them until your first crash
Escs are super smooth using C-H_15 blheli_s (hard braking)

I'm gonna mount another kwad with another set of motor Sunnysky R2206 2380kv SILVER WINDING!!!
Introduction soon
Posted by jrodfpv | Sep 04, 2017 @ 01:56 AM | 1,711 Views
Hello, I used an eachine vtx 03. The system works and powers up just fine. I can select bands and chanels easily. But after a few minutes once it gets hot it loses signal. All I see is snow after a few seconds the picture comes back. It doesnt seem to lose power as the led for the frequency is still on, it seem to stop sending a signal. the power setting doesnt seem to make a difference, it still cuts out, and comes back on. Ive also re mounted and wiggled it around and nothing does it but time for it to heat up ? This is my first build so i dont know where else to look from here. I might try another vtx see if it works but is to large to be practicable for flight.
Posted by sanukiudon | Sep 03, 2017 @ 10:09 PM | 4,091 Views
New DS site
Ninja2.5T (DS ~Landing) (2 min 14 sec)

Posted by Carol Legend | Sep 03, 2017 @ 09:47 PM | 2,308 Views
Dear all friend ,

My customer 's good feedback for 1300mah 100c 4s and 1500mah 100c 4s battery , if interested , please contact me
we specialized in FPV and hard case lipo battery
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My review of the HUGE Zingo Racing 9119 1/8th Amphibious truck.

Zingo Racing 9119 1/8th scale Monster Amphibious Truck Review (14 min 45 sec)