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DAYA 550 Alien Carbon Fiber Folding 4-Axis FPV Quadcopter Frame Kit

Original price: $109.9
Now: $97.85

Buy it now:

ebay Store: Christmas sale!

- Wheelbase: 550mm
- Inner space height: 22mm
- Universal motor mount holder
- Carbon fiber material, CNC machine,light weight and strong.
- Arm backward folding structure, easy to carry
- DJI, SX, X4 series flight controller, KK, MWC compatible
- Weight: 420g
- Color: Black connector and Black frame Only Now

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Use Coupon Code: TTVV20 for 20% off
Use Coupon Code: ATTV4 for 10% off

The very good Fatshark Attitude V4 FPV goggles are currently available at Banggood for only 242 with coupon code: TTVV20

FatShark Attitude V4 FPV Video Brille eine gute Wahl - 242€ (5 min 4 sec)

The FatShark Attitude V4 is the cheaper version of Fatshark Dominator video goggles. The most important difference is the lower resolution and still very good FPV goggles. That good - a receiver with an antenna are included. You can replace later the receiver by a diversity receiver e.g. Eachine Pro58 or the good FuriousFPV True-D.
The glasses weigh about 190 grams. With the battery and the antenna 340 grams. Compared to the Dominant HD3 is the Attitude V4 over 30 grams lighter. Both goggles look out very similar. But I am very satisfied with the glasses. The picture is really good and big enough for
FPV fly with 4: 3 cameras.

Used articles in the video:
FatShark Attitude V4 -
Eachine Pro58 diversity modul -
Samsung 30Q 18650 Akkus -
Fatshark Dominator HD3
Realacc RX5808 PRO PLUS -

My Equipment from Banggood:
Fatshark Dominator HD3
INR18650-30Q 3000mAh -
Skyzone SKY02S V+ -
Skyzone 7.4V LiPo -
FrSky X9D Plus SE -
iRangeX IRX4 Plus Multiprotokol Modul -
FrSky XM -
FrSky XM+-
FrSky R-XSR-
FrSky XSR -
FlySky FS-i6X -
Flysky FS-A8S -
Flysky X6B -
RunCam 3 Actiocam -
RunCam Eagle 2 -
RunCam Micro Swift -
Runcam Swift Mini -

Facebook -
Blog -
Youtube -
RCGroups -
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As a STAR WARS fan , I was really tempted to do this project. I was not sure if I can make it up in the air but, it did to my surprised. This is the stock toy replica that I got from Amazon for like less than $30. I have no choice but to take out some parts inside for weight reduction for it's on the heavy side and disable the firing mechanism.

Not the best conversion but, it does fly and I can't complain.

Here is the Amazon link :

Here are some close-up build pix and maiden video:

...Continue Reading
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Hello good people!

At time of this write-up, I am sure everyone is looking forward to their new shinny RC Airplane model, however, I am here insistent to successfully fly a very good looking model but, a very unforgiving one, considering it's the size of a PARK FLYER. The good looks really brings a good favorable selling point but, that's about it, and take it from me since I have been following this specific model since the original owner (Rodney) who I had the pleasure in video record it's maiden flight, minus the landing (there's a reason!).

For those wondering what I am talking about then, take a look at when Rodney owned it at:

Okay, fast forward today, I was lucky enough to buy this model from Rodney on Friday, December 22nd and took it home and that night I was able to set it up with my Radio Gear and adjusted all control surfaces and made sure all was working okay, including the power system. The following morning, Saturday, I was able to get over my RC Club Field and was able to attempt my first flight with this model and it was disastrous at best because:

1. Unknown to me the Propeller Adapter set screws were not tight enough and on take-off the model was missing critical RPMs as the Adapter was free wheeling (spinning) during the application of Full Power on Take-Off.

2. It went down the runway with what appeared to be enough airspeed but, as soon as I applied slight UP Elevator this...Continue Reading
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Just received the the DJI battery Station. This is an early production model but should represent final product and UI. First thing that you will notice is the size. I even thought the posted specs were wrong but they are not. It’s a really compact unit and feels lighter than I was expecting.

Once opened you will notice it holds 12 ( 6pairs) of tb50, 2 wb37 and a wb charger. I do wish it held another pair or two but I do still see people having a battery case or two. I know this will only replace one battery crate for me and will still use the 2nd.

Once powered on you select your mode, either charge or discharge. Under charge you have fast, quiet and normal. Under discharge you have the option of 50% or 25%. When discharging from 100% down to 25, it takes approximately 1hr 23mins and discharging down to storage from full is about 53mins. While charging in normal mode from 25% will take approximately 1hr 9min and 60mins from 50% to 100%. In fast mode I was able to get 2pairs at 25% to 90% in less the 25mins.

While charging or discharging you see the current percentage, voltage, charge current and temperature. You can then drill down to on each battery and see cycles, health status, serial number, firmware version and individual cell voltage. The menu systems is really straight forward and easy to navigate. During charging or discharging the system is on the load side but this is to be expected on a system this small and powerful. It is nice that they offered a...Continue Reading
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The final phase has begun, covering, rc gear installation, linkages and cg balancing. Color will be white monocote with red rising sun decals. I purchased a Tactic TX-650 transmitter a while back and I really like it and will be using the Tactic 6ch dual antenna receiver on this slope glider. Oddly there are no control throw recomendations shown on the plans or in the written instructions, so I will go with the control throw recomendations as on my Pilot QB-16 which is similar in planform and control surface area, 10mm up/down on ailerons, 20mm up/down elevator and 30mm each way on rudder. At this point I can tell the Divine wind will be a windy day sloper, no real surprise, much like the QB-16. 15 mph probably absolute minimum, ideal 20-25+ mph. More pictures of course when she is finished.
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Episode 45: "Holiday Wrap Up" is now live!

It is our last episode of the year! We talk about:
-Fair Winds and Following Seas Chuck
-Fitz tours a 3D Printer factory
-The FCC nabs FPV rule breakers
-All we want for Christmas

You can visit our website at to listen over the web or download an MP3 of the show. Or, you can subscribe to RC Roundtable on iTunes.

We would love to read your comments and ideas. Please drop us a line here, our facebook page, or email: [email protected].
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X220 - TBS Crossfire Micro - 2K Flight

Finally pushed out past 1K and made it to 2K, only limiting factor was battery. It was 3.90 when i landed. Still had perfect video and the logs from the Taranis received from the TBS Crossfire Micro looked good from what i know.

The TrueRC - 5.8 GHz X-Air has really made a big difference as if you stay in the beam the reception is stellar.

TBS Crossfire Micro - u.fl connector - stock antenna in dipole configuration on lower back plate
Omnibus F4
600mw eachine VTX
Swift 2
Stock motors and Esc's
4s, 1300mah battery

7" monitor
Immersion 5.8 diversity
Aomway 5.8GHz CP Patch
TrueRC - 5.8 GHz X-Air 10dBic Crosshair Antenna - RHCP (SMA)
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Used the power module from the boat to make a sled.

Testing the Sledd (1 min 49 sec)

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Today, I want to share with you a place (website) where you can find Drones and Quadcopters Reviews and Cool Coupons!!

First You can follow the page first for coupons every day Follow the page!

and also on Twitter

The Website Is Smart Gearbest I advice you to add it to your bookmarks!
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- Salamandra - OldGliders - Modele RC - Vintage Gliders...

- Salamandra - OldGliders - Modele RC - Vintage Gliders... (4 min 1 sec)

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Just got to be different from the other Super Viper guys.
Using 12s on the 105mm, and it is a great introduction into a Turbine. Both electric and Turbine are very gentle flyers without using any Gyro and easy to land.
I highly recommended the 12s Super viper for those that want to get into a turbine Jet....Continue Reading
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My best wishes to all my fellow modelers for a safe and happy holiday season!
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Product link = ( Sponsor / affiliate link )
Use this link if you hate supporting sponsors ( of reviews ) =

Transmitters I have owned :

Sanwa 2ch
Futaba 2ch
JR FM 5ch

Futaba 7ch FM

2010 onward
Flysky 6ch PC programmed x2
9x x3 Flysky and Turnigy
7ch ( I forget the brand computer Tx )
Turnigy 9XR
Turnigy 9XR pro
Devo 7e
Turnigy i10 x2

And all those cheap controllers ... + XK transmitters

Anyhow , I have owned and still own a few transmitters from the lower end of the $$ spectrum . Recently the opportunity became available to own the Taranis Q x7 which has been on my to own list for quite a long time .

I think its fair to say this is quite probably the most plush feeling transmitter I have ever owned . For some strange reason some actually complain about the gimbals (?) , I don't get it . On my transmitter they are simply superb , butter smooth and precise .
The very first thing I did on receiving my Q x7 was to see what battery solutions people had come up with to avoid using AA batteries . I personally find that NIMH batteries drop voltage too quickly so there for decided to seek another solution . There were a lot of interesting solutions on Youtube and unfortunately I found many of them to be problematic rather than viable solutions for me .

I went with a modified battery carrier and two 18650 ( I have a good collection of...Continue Reading
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"i now belong to the higher cult of mortals,
for i have seen the albatross..."
when i was channel surfing, found a documentary on birds. it was a film with an albatross flying. i couldnt change channel or take my eyes away!
i have seen other videos and even got into discussion on how these birds fly. some called it dynamic soaring, and provided all kind of explanations that made sense.
but, no matter what, i still am fascinated on how it flies. still cant understand how it flies without flapping its wings.
watching those videos of albatross in flight i loose my mind. does look as if does nothing and stays so close to the waves for a long time and doesnt fall.
there are videos on it in flight.
and to think that they fly all day long, day after day...with just a short stop to feed and then sleep at night. can you visualize that? for their entire life!
beyond the wildest dream!
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The better half has been offered a job back in South Carolina so in a few weeks we will be moving across the country. But I have a lot of things to do to sell the house and not a lot of time to do them. So if I am not working, I will be working

Guess Ill have to start looking for a flying field or just sell off most of my planes and go straight to quads.
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So I was flying this little micro copter for a few days now and I have to say it is amazing for flying at home. I installed Betaflight 3.2.2 immediately on it and found perfect settings for it so it flies really well (check out my screenshots in the gallery below).

...Continue Reading
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You can't fake the VTX funk.....

TBS Unify Pro HV Testing (8 min 49 sec)

Check out my most recent power output testing of the latest TBS Unify Pro HV 5.8ghz VTX, and check the video's description for more information......