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Posted by felixx | May 24, 2014 @ 10:41 PM | 3,903 Views
So I am a Noob to this however I am very keen, my foray into RC flight began when I joined this forum and met a member who took me under his wing. I also found some park flyers about 2km from my house so I try and get down there every Sunday Morning.
Since I began building planes, I have not been to the rifle range once!

I guess I want to keep a logbook of sorts on here because it is permanent and I will be able to look back on bits and pieces as I go.
I also will post pictures and videos as appopriate.
Please feel free to contribute to my blog and add advice and feedback as you see fit.

18 May 2014
Clear Sky Calm 10am
Had my first flight with my Dart XS today, I got a clever pilot to give her a maiden and it was lovely. I had a go and planted her in the ground snapping her nose off.
Ah well. I got her home and re glued her and took her to the park.

A few flights later (read 15 second dives) the tailplane had snapped off

17 May 2014
Cloudy 10kt Northerly gusting 15 kt, 10am
1st flight 6 seconds, busted off undercarriage
2nd flight 3 - 4 min Plane went well, she handles well, glides well for a dart
3rd flight just like the second but it was getting too windy

As it is winter I made some skis to stick on when it snows out of popsicle sticks