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Posted by rbrown3rd | Jul 19, 2009 @ 03:38 PM | 30,143 Views
My primary planes for fun now are my BluBaby 33 and my Slofly28. Both planes are getting a bit battered and I am going to build replacements soon. The BluBaby is going to be replaced by a BluBaby Oshkosh Special and the Slofly with a Yak.

My Flyparty EPP Eagle. This has been one of the most fun flying airplanes I have ever owned. It always draws a crowd of humans and birds. The humans admire it for its novelty and the birds chase it believing it to be some sort of real raptor

It took me a while to get the CG right and to get it trimmed properly. I fly it with a small "Blue Wonder" motor. I am not out to burn up the sky with this thing doing aerobatics but rather a climb to altitude and then a glide to find thermals.

I walked out into my front yard one day and saw a huge gaggle of vultures soaring in a thermal. On a whim I launched the eagle in the street in front of my house and climbed into the thermal. My neighbor across the street happened to be outside and saw me. His jawed dropped as I cut the throttle and circled with the vultures. I climbed and flew for about fifteen minutes or so and got nervous about flying over houses and having to land in a tight space, my street. I managed a landing right at my feet. My neighbor had never seen anything like this and was totally amazed. Just one of those moments you like to savor.

BluBaby foamie. This nice flying model can be fitted with a docile undercambered wing or a sportier aileron wing...Continue Reading