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Posted by stape | Feb 14, 2013 @ 10:51 AM | 2,874 Views
I recently started building a kit supplied to me by one of the guys here on RCG. It's a somewhat custom fuse with Zone V2 2P wings and EDGE tailfoils. The kit was amazing quality and very complete. This has been my first ever attempt to vacuum bag anything more than a few pounds of venison .

First let me say that I used a Foodsaver Vac 800 to bag everything. Not really sophisticated but it worked like a charm. And for the record, it pulled 23 in/hg and will hold over 15 in/hg for more than 15 hours. Bought it for $7 at the local goodwill and it came with a full roll of bags! It is convenient that the bag material has a breather built in.

All of us probably know for the most part how the process works, so from here I'll just post up some pics..