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Posted by kpeevyhouse | May 24, 2011 @ 09:55 AM | 8,221 Views
We've had yet another awesome group build for this year's PSS Fest, with the subject being the Spitfire. Here's the link to the build thread: 2011 PSS Spitfire- San Diego Build!
I'm looking forward to seeing these all in the air at once!

Some people have requested that I post the decals like I did last time, so here they are. They'll fit on regular 8.5x11 waterslide decal. The PDF file will give the best print quality. The JPG files get compressed by RCG, but might print OK.

Posted by kpeevyhouse | Jun 30, 2009 @ 11:44 AM | 10,166 Views
For the 2009 PSS Fest I made a 60" Macchi Folgore. It was my first scratch built glass ship, and I was VERY happy with how it flew! I put together a set of graphics to be printed on decal paper, since they are not available commercially. These can be printed on regular waterslide decal paper, and look great once it's on the plane.

8.5"x11" decal paper can be purchased from

There are two PDF files, one for the left and right side of the plane. You can use either clear or white decal paper. I recommend using clear for the roundels, and white for the insignias. You can see these on the pics below.

Here's a video of my plane in flight.

macci (0 min 49 sec) (0 min 49 sec)
Posted by kpeevyhouse | May 17, 2009 @ 05:35 PM | 11,906 Views
Here are the decals I made for the P-40 PSS Fest build. PSS fest 2009 project. P-40B's and the AVG

The JPG file is compressed by RCGroups, but the PDF file is higher resolution. Some people have purchases half-sheets of decal paper, so I re-made the PDF into two files to accommodate those.

You can easily make your own decals with your inkjet printer. You can get decal printer paper from and the only limit is your imagination!

Keith Peevyhouse