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6x4 Prop peaked at 6120 rpm on the bench was very marginal . Only thing to try was more prop .

7035 prop peaked at some 5940 rpm , this is only a little down on the 6x4 and thrust should be up !
Sorry , cant measure current draw ( would be nice ) but I did put my finger on the ESC and run the motor @ 100% .
There was not heat to speak off ! So this prop should be safe .

Next time , all the action will be VIA the 7035 .
Posted by old4570 | Sep 27, 2020 @ 08:08 PM | 2,208 Views
18650 Mini Stick (20 min 34 sec)

The Overlord has graciously metered out 2cc of RC ! To those requiring a dose of LIVING !
I woke up @ 6am and was on my way to the park before 6.30am .

Yes , I dropped the proverbial ball by not pre flight checking before leaving home . There were things forgotten about !
Things best left un said !

So , came home , fixed a few things and headed back out .. Yes , got lots of walking in this morning and only 1cc of the precious 2cc of RC
Lucky for me the plane is powered by a 18650 . so run time is exceedingly high !
What is not high is the power / thrust . It is very much marginal .
It does fly , but there is little in the way of enough power . Especially if you do something silly there is no powering out of the situation . So one needs to fly as if the models life depends on it ( probably does ) .

6A 1-2s ESC
6x4 prop
RacerStar 1811 3800kv

Mini Stick . = What a very nice little plane ! On a decent 2s power system with at least 1:1 power to weight this little stick should be a real joy to fly . It does get knocked about by the wind , so in that regard it would be a fair weather flyer . But again , a better power to weight ratio would negate some of that sensitivity to wind . My entire flight was 90% power to begin with and as the battery voltage dropped under load I was up to 100% power . Which was just enough to keep the stick flying smooth . At this time my only choice is to...Continue Reading
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I had to pull the motor to tighten the prop .
There are two holes either side of the nose , these lead to 1.5mm grub screws
Un tighten them , and pull out the motor . Now you can tighten the prop to the shaft ( By hand should be fine )

Next I had to run up the motor / prop combo for some current figures and check for VIBRATION !
Yes ! Cheap folding props can vibrate .... ( Any prop can )

Current draw peaked @ 5.7A ( 2s )
Vibration was a bit heavy from 75% to 100% throttle / power .
Around 50% power the prop was smooth , but the amount of thrust is ....................

To smooth out the prop I scrapped plastic off the spinner till the assembly smoothed out . ( Those blades are so small I did not want to touch them )

Just need a Rx and battery , then do a bind and go fly ( When our OverLord allows it ! )
Posted by old4570 | Sep 26, 2020 @ 02:39 AM | 1,711 Views
FMS Fox 800 (4 min 41 sec)

I already had the FMS 800 Vtail .. And I really liked the Vtail except for the factory prop .
That factory prop is so bad ( was on the Vtail )

I really wanted a Fox after flying the Vtail .
But as with all things , world wide stocks diminished to the point these little planes got a little expensive to buy
Thanks to banggood , the Fox was on special at the Oz warehouse , and I was able to avoid shipping and extra GST ! ( Thanks BG )
Just got to wait for our local Dictator to ease off on the house arrest BS so I can actually go fly . Suffering RC withdrawal !!!!
Quick doctor , 20cc of RC !!!!
Or perhaps some FMS Fox action ?

Honestly , these planes are so light , easy to put together and not Uber expensive . And best off all they fly really well , being very stable and easy to fly . Be it the Fox or the Vtail , this is one of those planes one should own at least once if not maybe twice . At the very least given some serious consideration .

Ok , yes ! That factory prop bites . Not really a lot of mojo coming from it . Spins fast enough , just without the thrust ( My Vtail ) . So another plane to put on the back burner of things needing to be flown .

S720 = Prop tests ...
LDARC 450x = Needs flying
my X450 and mo2 need flying
The Cub
The DH2
Vtail with new prop
The Fox
Micro F16
Micro Stick with @ 18650
R4 with new rudder

Thats starting to look like a list ! @nd it's all DAG's fault !
Posted by old4570 | Sep 22, 2020 @ 11:26 PM | 2,988 Views
Nemesis 2 ( Rat 2 AUS-8 ) (7 min 54 sec)

Nemesis 2 ( Ontario Rat 2 AUS-8 )

Thats right , this knife disappointed with it's inability to hold an edge . Sure I could massage the factory bevel to take hair off my arm , but when it came to edge holding .
Another knife that ended up in the JUNK Knife box ! ( Butt !!! was it a junk knife ? )
I get the feeling a lot of manufacturers seem to be doing junk bevels .

So the Rat 2 got a 20deg 180 grit edge put on .

Surprise / surprise .

Put a decent bevel on the knife and it works
Horrid weather , had lots of wind . And today , more wind + rain and damn .... Just when I went out to cut rope there was a very decent temperature drop .
I think my hand had a slight blue tinge , sure as heck were cold as ice with that wind chill ! So cold I found it challenging to cut the paper .
At the end of the vid , after being inside a few hours , I cut some more paper . That rolled edge , the 180 grit finish , really caught the paper . But with the grain going the right way it still cut . I would say the result was fair .
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Chinese made BG knife (9 min 55 sec)

Yes , I am Covid 19 bored ! Danger Dan say's you cant do nothing !
So I got to keep busy , or get seriously bored ! ( I want to fly RC )

Speaking off ! BG had a sale ( BG ? ) that might be confusing . Anyways , banggood had a sale @ the Oz warehouse giving me the opportunity to avoid 10% GST and shipping over and above , if I had purchased from China . Thats got to be nice ...
Anyways , got me a FMS 800 Fox ( Not the V-tail ) , already have the V-tail . ( More some other time )

This is the Chinese BG knife . Out of the box it was not overly sharp at all . So I put a 22deg bevel on it and got it shaving sharp . Honestly I did not expect this knife to do as well as it did . In fact it could have been amazing if not for the edge rolling . But this is a slightly brutal test and for light duty that edge may have lasted a terribly long time . For $16 Ozzi bananas shipped to my door I dont think there is anything to complain about ( cough - cough - rolled edge ) .
So keeping the low / low price in mind , the Chinese BG might make for a decent - I don give a hoot knife !
Posted by old4570 | Sep 19, 2020 @ 08:19 PM | 1,828 Views
Nemesis No1 ( Navy K 628 Lock Back Knife ) (5 min 14 sec)

This Navy K-628 440c could not hold an edge , no mater how much I massaged the factory bevel .
I could get it shaving sharp , but the edge would vanish within 4 or 5 passes through cardboard ( it became a butter knife )
I seriously thought the knife had rubbish steel for a blade .

That was many , many years ago . The knife has been in a box , and labelled a basket case .
It was time to pull it out and put a known bevel on it ( 22deg @ 180 grit with a 400 grit clean up of the bur )

It has gone from basket case to performer with a change in the angle of the bevel . ( How many of my knives are afflicted with a bad factory bevel ? )

Nemesis No2 will be tested next .
Posted by old4570 | Sep 17, 2020 @ 08:40 PM | 2,256 Views
$26 Ebay Guided Knife Sharpener (13 min 35 sec)

For light duty , I think it is well worth the money .
But as soon as you ask more of it than simply touching up an edge this product will show you all it's weaknesses .
Posted by old4570 | Sep 13, 2020 @ 10:29 PM | 1,864 Views
DHC 2 Beaver (6 min 42 sec)

I remember when BG advertised the sale of this model .
The delivery lag ( Availability ) was not good .
Several ( many ) months latter BG had a sale @ the Oz warehouse , and I took the opportunity to not pay extra for GST and shipping .
Thats got to be nice .

I have ordered a 6CH rx to put in the Beaver so I can do flaperon .
Why not , especially as it looks like something easy to do .
I could 4CH it right now , but since I cant fly in anyways , I may as well wait for a 6CH Rx .
The Beaver can stay NIB for now .

Since I picked it up for less than 100 Bananas , it feels like a rather decent buy for the money .
I found the ESC very interesting .. 2s - 4s 20A .. Does that mean we can possibly Turbo the Beaver ?


Posted by old4570 | Sep 11, 2020 @ 05:55 AM | 1,373 Views
This Factory makes TINY Aircraft Engines (ft. PAW Engineering) (2 min 50 sec)

A look at the PAW factory ... Only a short video .
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RCX09-286 FrSky D8 Rx
Easy peasy - Lemon squeezy !

Put a plug on the Rx .. The 'n plugged it to my OMPHobby S720 .
No problems , instant bind D8 mode . Only thing is all my throws are reversed !
Then I had to make a splice lead so I could plug the Rx into the Flight Control Board on the LDARC 450x .. Now that was a PITA !
Who ever ass - embled these leads / plugs did it Ass about !

That made soldering interesting . Yeah I got it wrong the first time around .. Needed a 2nd bite of the apple to get it right .

450x Wing .
Rx has gone outside on the wing to hopefully improve reception should I fly a little further away ( FPV ) .
A camera will go in the nose . power will come from ( possibly ( the flight control board ( pictured )
I am not sure what the voltage is ( highlighted ) but I will find out . If its 5v then thats where I will plug in the camera for power .

Once bound to my transmitter :
Ch5 is ARMING ( you will need that to arm the board )
Ch6 is stability ..
Looks like you must start with the model on a flat surface as it does a little calibration thing when armed . ( Not 100% on that, but looks like on my table )
Be a while before I can fly it , but that gives me time to add the camera etc .
CG looks like it will be good .
Another model DAG's holding back from flight trials !
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Here at last ( A Sbus Rx )

I purchased the LDARC 450x wing with the flight control board BNF version ...
Just plug in a Rx and battery go fly sort of thing .
Unfortunately BG is lagging my order , so I had to order a Rx from another store . ( It's here )

I wanted one of these as I want to plug it into the 450x and ..... my OMP S720 and see how it range tests .

Brushless Micro SU27 project ! This is from way back just after I did my brushed Micro SU27 .
I ran into some Rx issues and the project folded like a house of cards .. Now we are back !
Just bound the Tx to the Rx , ?? seems to be working ! ( Same Rx as before )
Whats different is the Tx firmware ( Updated OpenTx )
I will need to cut some depron , glue the motor in , mount the ESC and Rx , then worry about the Elevons .

My R4 HLG glider needed a new rudder , and that was done some time ago - But needs to be flown . ( Original had little authority )
Micro F16 has had more lead shot put in the nose ( Move CG forward ) , needs to be flow .
18650 project needs to be flown .
The cub needs to fly ( XK A160 )
Ordered a DH2 Beaver - https://www.banggood.com/custlink/Gv3hWe7B7J - As it's on special at the Oz warehouse ! ( And I wanted one )
DAG needs to let us fly !
Really getting sick and tired off DAG ( Dan Andr Gov = DAG )
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P1B 1 Free Flight Model in the front yard (4 min 15 sec)

Got to test glud the P1B-1 ..
Wow , my initial assembly was close to the CG .
But the P1B-1 could not really push through the breeze ..
Moving the wing back seems to have helped and even though the breeze lifted the nose , the P1B-1 pushed through .
I will leave it there until I can actually PARK it or football field it !
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Product link

Hmmmm , watch the assembly video by JHA if this interests you .


I would not in hind sight tape the plastic fittings on ( foam protection tabs ) .. I did it in the tail as in the JHA video , but immediately regretted it ! Just glue them in place .

With the wing I glued the carbon spar in place ( Foam safe cyno ) also gluing the two wing halves together . The plastic protector ( protects the foam from the rubber band ) was glued in place with HK Foam Glue . Also the carbon tail boom was glued into the plastic locator as well the vertical stab .

Assembly is relatively simple once you know what needs doing ( instructions are not even good toilet paper ) . If you are going to let children do the assembly , I would strongly suggest following the JHA Video .

Mine is assembled and ready for play . Though the million dollar question is when do I get to play with it ? ..
RTF , mine came in at some 30.5 grams . ( With rubber motor )

Rubber motor , = I cut the supplied rubber in half , tied the ends and then folded it two and inserted it inside the tube .
I have tested it and the motor system seems to work fine ..
I would have liked lighter propeller blades . , but it is what it is .
Next comes flying when ever that is ?
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Ever since I saw the P1B-1 on JHA ( https://jhaerospace.com/product/p1b-...yager-model-b/ ) I wanted one . At the time of my exposure JHA had no stock . So I promised myself that if BG got them in stock I would buy one and they did , and I did . ( Product link ) .

There is a howling Northerly wind at the moment , so I will not risk the P1B outside . To assemble the P1B it's probably best to watch some JHA video , the assembly video is rather good . Certainly made my life a lot easier . I did how ever end up doing things a little differently , especially at the wing .
I have one at last ( P1B ) , just need the S F to back off just like the wind . Yes the world seem to be going to pot , all we need now is an Alien invasion to put the cherry on top !

I will do more when the wind backs off !
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10 Episodes ...

A little better than boring !
Very predictable , a little slow moving . Star Trek fans can see plots from a mile away .
There was the odd twist here and there ( a nice surprise ) , but over all ?
Some what nice to re-live treking , but at times it was slow moving .

I watched all 10 episodes in one sitting and if I had had to wait a week for each episode I may have lost interest .
Patric Stewart is getting a little old to be a action star and I much prefer him as a wheelchair bound professor X .

Oh well , it was nice to see a lot of the old Next Gen actors back in the saddle so to speak .
For me it was just a little plot thin and cobbled together sort of slap stick . But if like me you have the Covid 19 blues , it just might make for a half decent time waster . Especially if your under 23 hour house arrest and have curfew and martial law so to speak .
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XK A160 thrust test (0 min 42 sec)

Video = Simple thrust test !
Model weighs 172 grams RTF
Current = 4.3 amps
Prop was well balanced .

Binding to the KN protocol was easy .
Usually rates are on CH5 , but I see nothing with the Taranis .
CH8 is the gyro ..
I really hate the rudder mix being built into the control board .
The rudder on the XK A160 behaves too much like the rudder on the XK A600 ( PITA and cause of crashing )
I moved the control rod on the servo arm to the inner most hole to minimise rudder .
@ 172 grams RTF , we dont have 1:1 power to weight , falls a little short . Plenty for flying , but not that magic 1:1
4.3 amp current draw ? What is the ESC ? ( 6A? )
If the ESC is 6A then there is room for more prop to try for 1:1 or ever so slightly better power to weight .
Motor: 1406 brushless motor but we are not told the KV .
I would guess the KV might be on the lower side .

6G 3D >

Well , all throws are minimal except for the rudder ( more later ) in 6G mode .
In 3D mode the rudder and elevator dont change ( on my Taranis ) but you get massive amounts of Aileron .
I moved the control rod on the elevator to the middle hole for a little more throw . ( Plan to 50% expo it for the maiden )

Rudder > Unfortunately behaves like the XK A600 rudder . A very small touch on the gimbals can give you massive amounts of rudder . So if you play with the throttle a lot , you may accidentally rudder yourself into the ground !...Continue Reading