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Aerial photography, inspection, logistics, plant protection, surveying, security and other applications in the field of UAV industry, the line of sight remote control, image real-time cloud processing, high-definition video stream back to the ability to put forward higher requirements. As the latest generation of cellular mobile communication technology, 5G is also the best communication technology for building digital sky. What changes will it bring to the drone industry?
Compared with 4G, 5G has obvious advantages in the communication coverage of networked UAVs. The new large-scale antenna array adopted by 5G can flexibly and automatically adjust the phase of the transmitted signals of each antenna to meet the regulatory requirements for low-altitude airspace within 500 meters. And the future flight demand of more than 120 meters of drones in the city's high-rise environment. In addition, 5G also has more advantages in remote fine control of drones, flight data security, and industry empowerment.
Networked drones to promote efficient low-altitude economy
Recently, the Dongguan Power Supply Bureau's substation operation professionally applied the “5G UAV+Programming Operation” pilot in China for the first time. It also marks that the Dongguan Power Supply Bureau's substation operation professional is the first in China to realize “5G UAV+Programming Operation”. ".
Compared with the traditional air duty mode, the 110 kV line operation requires two on-duty personnel...Continue Reading
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Benoit Gillow, project director of French drone company Artelia, said that Chinese-made drones are "an incredible story in modern technology." At the AirWorks conference in Los Angeles, Gillello recalled how his team used three Chinese-made drones to capture the scene after the fire in Notre Dame. The rescue incident was just one of many stories about Chinese drones.
The AirWorks Conference is an annual gathering of technical experts sponsored by China UAV Corporation. This year's annual conference sponsored by DJI Company attracted 700 participants and organized seminars spanning five core areas of agriculture, construction, energy, infrastructure, and public safety.
The (global) drone market is transforming into an ecosystem, with DJI being at the center. According to statistics from UAV analysis company Skylogic Research, the Chinese drone manufacturer accounts for more than 70% of the global civilian drone market. China's drones are becoming a platform: hundreds of startups and end-users with specific needs apply drone technology to their own industries. Experts say they are getting more and more valuable, and now they are helping many companies reduce costs and even save lives.
However, in the field of industrial drones, China's industrial drone manufacturer MMC continues to be deeply involved in the application of the drone industry and is in a leading position. The various types of drones developed and produced by the company can be used not only in...Continue Reading
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High-rise buildings are on fire, how to quickly fire and rescue? This worldwide problem is solved by the application of drones.
A few days ago, the video released on the People’s Daily’s overseas social platform showed that Chinese-made drones are using high-efficiency fire-fighting equipment to quickly extinguish high-rise buildings.
It can be seen from the video that the front end nozzle of the fire-fighting drone can be up to 4 meters long, which can not only solve the fire of the high-rise balcony, but also solve the indoor fire, basically achieving no dead-end fire.
Since 2005, China has stipulated that more than 10 floors of residential buildings, more than 24 meters of other civil buildings are high-rise buildings, and buildings over 100 meters are super high-rise buildings.
According to the incomplete statistics of the journal "Intelligent Buildings and Smart Cities", there are about 350,000 high-rise buildings in China, and there are more than 6,000 super high-rise buildings with a height of more than 100 meters.
According to the Beijing Evening News, in the past 10 years, there have been more than 30,000 high-rise building fires in China, with more than 500 deaths and direct property losses of more than 1.5 billion yuan.

High-rise buildings are often located in the prosperous areas of the city, with dense personnel, heavy traffic, narrow roads, and problems such as easy three-dimensional spread and difficulties in evacuating and escaping.
...Continue Reading
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West Power East is one of the landmark projects in the development of the western region. Changji-Guquan ±1100 kV UHV DC transmission project, as one of the landmark projects of West-East Power Transmission, is also the world's largest design and construction of the world's highest voltage level, the largest transmission capacity, the longest transmission distance, the most advanced technology level. UHV transmission project. This project has set a new height in the world's power grid technology and opened a new era in the development of UHV DC transmission technology.
According to reports, the Changji-Guquan ±1100 kV UHV DC transmission project is the "Power Silk Road" connecting Xinjiang and East China. It can send 66 billion kWh of electricity to East China every year, and can light up 400 million kW of electric lights at the same time. Meet the electricity demand of 50 million households in East China. At the same time, it can reduce coal transportation by 30.24 million tons. If it is calculated by train capacity, it needs 25,000 thousand 20-car trains. It is of great significance for winning the blue sky defense war, promoting Xinjiang's economic development, and implementing the “Belt and Road Initiative” initiative.

How to ensure the continuous power supply security of the "Power Silk Road"? On September 1st, the reporter took this question into the hinterland of the Gurbantunggut Desert in Jimsar County, Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture,...Continue Reading
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Surveying and mapping is the most widely used field of industrial-grade drones. It can be widely used in many fields such as national basic surveying and mapping, digital city construction, land, and resources survey, and address environmental survey. MMC mapping UAV solution, through the ortho camera, tilt camera, photoelectric pod, laser radar and other equipment, can quickly obtain 3D models and images of the terrain surface, perform high-precision mapping and inspection tasks, can be used for mapping The unit saves a lot of time and capital costs. For the specific application to the supervision of illegal buildings, it is possible to obtain image data in real-time by shooting the surveillance area with a tilt camera, and compare it with the previous data to discover the behavior of suspected illegal land use and timely grasp the land change pattern.
Then, for the operation of the mapping drone, let me give you a brief introduction today.
1. Determine whether conditions
UAV aerial survey, the weather conditions are good or bad. Before starting the aerial photography, it is necessary to grasp the weather conditions of the day and observe the thickness of the clouds, the illumination and the visibility of the air. Observe the thickness of the clouds.
2. Arrive at the take-off location
After determining the weather conditions and the distribution of clouds, it is suitable for aerial photography, and bring the drones, catapults, radio stations, computers and other...Continue Reading
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When it comes to the work of the traditional surveying and mapping industry, many people will have a picture of the surveying and mapping staff carrying a variety of instruments over the mountains and mountains.

Nowadays, UAVs are gradually subverting the traditional surveying and mapping operations with its advantages of fast, efficient, flexible and low cost, and become the “new darling” of the surveying and mapping industry.

Compared with traditional terrain mapping methods, UAV mapping can save multiple times and costs. Data collection, which used to take days or weeks, can be completed in a matter of hours through drone operations and quickly complete modeling and data analysis.

UAV operations are usually manually controlled by the operator on-site to complete single or multiple flight survey operations, but the manual operation mode has a large workload during large-scale surveying operations, and the actual operation is more difficult.

Precise control of the flight path is the key to drone operations. Nowadays, the industrial application scenarios of drones are complex, the differentiation is large, and the individualized needs of users are increasing. The demand for flight route settings is also varied.

How does the drone “job” fly?

If you can set the route before take-off, you can lead the drone to the destination like a car navigation, which not only improves the efficiency of the work, but also reduces the loss and risk caused by human error.

...Continue Reading
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With the further development of uav technology, uav, as we know it, is not only used in aerial photography, but also plays a great role in the rescue of trapped people.In particular, the application development of industrial uav is getting deeper and deeper, and more and more scenarios can be applied, such as uav search and rescue.

The drone is equipped with thermal imaging camera, which can assist search-and-rescue personnel to find trapped people quickly. It can also deliver relief supplies and first-aid kits, and set up base stations and restore communication.

Last month, heavy rains in parts of China's sichuan province caused a collapse of elevated rock masses along a railway line, disrupting the line and leaving some emergency workers missing.

After the disaster, railway, armed police, fire, medical and other rescue workers have arrived at the scene.A total of more than 180 rescue and rescue personnel have been deployed, including 7 railway vehicles and 8 excavators, 8 road trains to transport personnel, rescue equipment and materials, 4G communication equipment and lighting equipment.

In the rescue process, the drone search has played an important role.
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First- Overview of UAV surveying and mapping

Companies around the world not only integrate drones into their daily workflows, but they also rely on data acquisition capabilities provided by drones because they save a lot of time and money compared to traditional data acquisition methods. While industry-leading manufacturers such as DJI and senseFly are still the front-runners, 84% of UAV mapping is now available on drone models priced at $1,500 or less. Most mapping uses an affordable quadcopter drone model, thanks primarily to advances in drone hardware and battery life, which were previously only available on more expensive drone models.

However, compared with consumer drones, industrial-grade UAVs have advantages in terms of hardware and battery life. Chinese industrial drone manufacturer MMC is in a leading position in industrial drone development, whether in no Human-machine mapping applications still have corresponding solutions in the fields of public safety, fire protection, emergency rescue, inspection, etc., and their R&D and production of hydrogen fuel drones can last up to 4 hours, while vertical take-off and landing The drone's Griffion M8 has a lifetime of 81 minutes. Compared with the application of consumer-grade drone mapping and small scenes, industrial-grade drones are more suitable for large-scale land mapping, such as land resources, boundary mapping, water mapping, etc. Wait. At the same time, industrial-grade drones can be used in a variety...Continue Reading
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Some people often ask, what should an ideal mapping drone look like? I don't have the practical experience to dare to talk about it, but the use of drones in the field of surveying and mapping has been relatively mature and extensive. The UAV channel interviewed a number of first-line operators and industrial drone manufacturers. —MMC UAV. Among them are flying hands and technicians.

1.stable and reliable

Several practitioners first mentioned that they should be stable and reliable, and no one wants the equipment to drop the chain at a critical moment. Moreover, the cost of surveying and mapping drones in the industry is very expensive, and the equipment used for tasks such as three-dimensional surveying and mapping is more expensive, and the economic loss of falling is very large.

2.long battery life

Everyone also mentioned that the battery life is longer, because the frequent take-off and landing time also increases the risk. The long battery life means higher work efficiency and higher safety.

3.multi-rotor or fixed wing?

In the field of surveying and mapping, there are two types of drones, fixed-wing and multi-rotor, which are more practical.

A technician from MMC said that the fixed wing has a long life and fast speed and is suitable for large-area operations. In this respect, MMC owns the Griffion M8 VTOL fixed-wing drone, which has a cruising time of up to 150 minutes and a flying distance of 200KM, which can be applied to most surveying scenes.

...Continue Reading
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Recently, the People’s Daily published a video of a fire-fighting drone fire extinguishing on the overseas social platform. It can be seen that the drone quickly extinguished the fire with efficient fire-fighting equipment. This video has been praised by thousands of people, because China is the first country in the world to solve the problem of high-level fire fighting, and has a positive role in promoting high-level fire fighting.

As we all know, with the development of society, there are more and more high-rise buildings, and even more than 30 floors of residential houses are common phenomena. Once a fire broke out at a high level, the existing fire-fighting equipment could not carry out effective rescue. The most important reason was that the existing equipment could not deliver the fire-fighting equipment to such a high height. When the firefighters rushed from the inside to the fire site, it basically caused the fire. Serious property damage may even cause certain casualties.

The fire drone effectively solves this problem. First of all, the fire drone can directly reach the fire floor without ignoring the height, and the shortcoming of the load can be solved by carrying a high-efficiency fire extinguishing agent. For urban fire protection, MMC recently developed the APOLLO FB1 airborne broken window fire extinguisher, which was specially developed to extinguish fires in high-rise buildings or specific areas of the city. It uses an electronic quick-start trigger...Continue Reading
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It is understood that many countries including China and Canada have already launched drone air patrols and participated in highway traffic management. The drones focus on traffic violations such as emergency lane parking and big car occupation.

UAV patrol duty is mainly used for aerial photography to observe road traffic congestion and capture traffic violations. According to the traffic police who used the professional training of the UAV in the early stage, within the scope of the radiation coverage of the drone, it can be said where to shoot, and all kinds of violations of traffic rules and road safety can not escape its law. The trajectory of all vehicles and the number plate of the vehicle can be taken very clearly. For some motor vehicles that do not follow the prescribed lanes, illegal lanes for illegal lanes, and emergency lanes, they can be captured, providing strong evidence for the traffic police department to be punished according to law; and capturing and exposing some illegal activities such as retrograde vehicles. Elimination of blind spots in road enforcement.

It is reported that most of the traffic police departments in China currently use the most advanced UAV monitoring equipment, including the Thyea Z40 HD zoom head and the Cirrutitan detachable tether system independently developed by MMC UAV. The Z40 camera pan/tilt is custom-made with a 40x optical zoom lens with a pixel count of 25 million. Even in the air, the inside of the car and the cab can be clearly seen. The Cirrutitan detachable tether system is designed to deliver power to the drone for long periods of time in the air, enabling the drone to perform 24-hour flight monitoring in the air.
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The Indian Bureau of Surveying and Mapping plans to use 300 drones to help map the map so that the country has a more accurate map in the future.
For a long time, India maps lacked higher precision and electronics. According to the "India Times" reported on the 16th, the Indian Bureau of Surveying and Mapping for the first time plans to use 300 drones to map. A national map policy previously adopted by India clearly stated that all socio-economic development activities, natural resource conservation, disaster mitigation planning and infrastructure development require high-quality stereo data. Officials involved in the project said that the use of drones would enable them to produce high-resolution images of rural areas, which would facilitate the digitization of maps. Gilish Kumar, Director of the Indian Bureau of Surveying and Mapping, said: "Our goal is to provide high-resolution maps." He went on to say that aerial photography was used to map earlier, but this method is very expensive and has limitations. The drone can fly freely over a wider area, helping to capture sharper and higher resolution images.
In fact, with the development of drones and 3D point cloud model technology in recent years, not only India, but also many countries have begun to explore the application value of drones. The impact of drones is clearly deepening and sweeping the world. . As one of the few companies with production capacity in the whole industry chain, China MMC...Continue Reading
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The reporter learned from the provincial traffic police corps highway detachment that the provincial traffic police corps highway detachment took the lead in enabling drone air inspections in the jurisdiction, and the drones focused on capturing traffic violations such as emergency lane parking and big car occupation. This is the first time that the high-speed traffic police department of our province has enabled drones to participate in highway traffic management.
UAV inspection duty is mainly used for aerial photography to observe road traffic congestion and capture traffic violations. According to the police who used the professional training of the UAV in the early stage, in the scope of the radiation coverage of the drone, it is possible to find where to shoot, and all kinds of violations of traffic rules and road safety can not escape its law. The trajectory of all vehicles and the number plate of the vehicle can be taken very clearly. For some motor vehicles that do not follow the prescribed lanes, illegal lanes for illegal lanes, and emergency lanes, they can be captured, providing strong evidence for the traffic police department to be punished according to law; and capturing and exposing some illegal activities such as retrograde vehicles. Elimination of blind spots in road enforcement.
In addition to the use of drones to capture traffic violations such as emergency lanes, the most important thing is to use drones to view road traffic congestion and traffic accident scenes, to provide timely and accurate information support for slow blocking and smooth operation. In the event of a traffic accident causing congestion, the traffic police can not arrive at the first time, the drone first arrives at the incident, and the scene is transmitted to the rear for the first time, according to the actual situation, the next step is given, and at the same time, The traffic police will have a more comprehensive understanding of the traffic accident scene and provide a basis for accurately handling the accident.
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The leading industrial drone manufacturer for commercial drone solutions of China- MMC. recently launched Griflion H, a groundbreaking modular hydrogen fuel cell drone platform that uses proven, stable hydrogen fuel cells. Greatly improve the endurance of the drone. The high protection standards and long battery life make it suitable for use in extremely harsh environments (such as rain and snow, alpine regions, high-temperature fires, etc.), and will make a difference in many fields such as rescue and field exploration.
1, modular design to meet a wider range of needs
Designed for a range of applications in surveying, inspection and monitoring, Griflion H is the first of its kind to offer an adaptable, modular hydrogen fuel drone platform with a maximum load of 5.1kg. A variety of payloads can be replaced at any time according to the needs of the operation. The load is quickly integrated with the task compartment and quickly taken off. A multi-purpose machine is available to meet a wide range of operational needs.
2, 15 hours long battery life, improve work efficiency
The voyage is a prerequisite for industrial-grade drones to solve all operational problems, and Copte has maintained the history of drones. It is reported that the Griflion H drone released this time is equipped with a 9L size gas cylinder, the maximum gas storage capacity is 27L. When using this capacity hydrogen fuel gas cylinder, the drone is fully loaded for 15 hours, and the drone is refreshed again....Continue Reading
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"One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero." The Great Wall is known as one of China's symbols. But this majestic ancient building that has stood in China for nearly two thousand years has long lost its original majesty due to the erosion of the years.

The Great Wall, the "Great Wall" in our mouth, is the greatest and most majestic military defense project in ancient China. The oldest Great Wall in history dates back to the Western Zhou Dynasty. During the Spring and Autumn Period, the Great Wall built the first climax, and the various vassal states built the Great Wall fortifications on their respective borders. However, the Great Wall during this period was relatively short and relatively low. After Qin and the Six Kingdoms joined together with China, they repaired the Great Wall links of the various vassal states and they were known as the Great Wall. The Ming Dynasty was the last era to overhaul the Great Wall. The Great Wall that we can see this year is mostly the buildings of this period.

The Great Wall resources are mainly distributed in 15 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions such as Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Shandong, Henan, Ningxia and Xinjiang. According to the National Great Wall Resources Survey conducted by the Chinese Cultural Relics and Surveying and Mapping Department, the total length of the Ming Great Wall is 8851.8 kilometers. According to...Continue Reading
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Recently, in order to make rational use of the Yangtze River coastline and strengthen the maintenance of the Yangtze River ecology and river safety, the Zhenjiang Municipal Government urgently needs high-resolution orthophotos within 500 meters of the Yangtze River, and superimposes it as an image base map and water conservancy thematic information... The project area starts from Jurong City Avenue in the west and west to Xilaiqiao Town in Yangzhong City. The ground resolution requirement is 8 cm.

A drone with a wingspan of 2.5 meters rises slowly on the beach on the banks of the Yangtze River. This is a vertical takeoff and landing drone built for aerial surveying - MMC‘s’GRIFLION M8. This drone combines the advantages of multiple rotors and fixed wings: flexible take-off and landing, limited by the environment; fast flight speed, long battery life, can be equipped with high-definition cameras; with RTK+PPK system, one button At the same time of accurate take-off and landing, it meets the requirements of high-precision drawing.

Before taking off, the flying hand has uploaded the carefully planned route to the drone. According to the 8 cm resolution requested by the customer, the aerial overlap ratio is set to 75% of the heading, 70% of the sideways, and a total of 41 flying frames. After about an hour, thanks to the RTK centimeter positioning, the plane finally landed at the takeoff point. After a simple equipment inspection and disassembly work, the flying hand drove to the next takeoff point.

During the flight operation of the drone, there are often 6-7 winds and heavy rains. The Corbett mapping team completed the 400-square-kilometer flight in just 15 days, acquiring more than 21,000 high-quality drone images with an image resolution of 42 million pixels. Finally, the staff imported the data into the Pix4Dmapper for processing, and stitched all the scattered drone data into a continuous, standardized, measurable image map. It provides reliable information for the government to fully understand the development and utilization of the Yangtze River coastline.

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On September 4th, the first “Sanhe Digital Cup” Gansu Provincial Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Industry's UAV mapping skills competition was held at Gansu Forestry Vocational and Technical College. Hu Songtao, committee party member, deputy director of the Gansu Province Natural Resource department, announced the opening ceremony. Gao Yunfeng, secretary of the Party Committee of Gansu Forestry Vocational and Technical College, presided over the opening ceremony, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, dean of Gansu Forestry Vocational and Technical College, and the executive of Gansu Province Surveying and Mapping geographic information technology collaborative innovation center, Mr. Chen Yiping delivered a speech.
It is said that this is the 1st UAV searching and mapping skill competition, jointly held by Gansu Provincial Geographic Information Industry Association, Gansu Provincial Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Community, Gansu Forestry Vocational and Technical College, Gansu Provincial Surveying and Mapping Geographic Information Technology Collaborative Innovation Center, and Tianshui Sanhe Digital Surveying and Mapping Institute, and it is also the most comprehensive competition in the province's surveying and mapping geographic information industry, colleges and universities, and the competition in which the new technologies are comprehensively systematically applied in. The totally 43 participating teams from 14 enterprises and institutions across the province, and 11 colleges and universities, had a very fierce compeition.

In the end, the MMC Skylle 1550 equipped with Ruibo D2 oblique camera stood out among more than 20 companies in this competition and won the special prize of the competition.
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Speaking of surveying and mapping, I think everyone will not be unfamiliar.
From engineering construction to land management, people are often inseparable from the help and assistance of surveying and mapping. In the past, traditional surveying and mapping relied mainly on manpower, not only to face a broad and complex geographical environment, but also to worry about the danger of disasters at any time. The mapping can be described as being intimidating, inefficient, and safe. However, with the development of the times and the emergence and application of various intelligent technologies, today's surveying and mapping has changed a lot.

UAV became the "new favorite" of surveying and mapping

One of the most obvious changes is the application of drones.

In recent years, with the rapid development of technologies such as flight control, navigation and communication, drones have gradually become the "new vents" for people's attention and application, from agricultural plant protection to power inspection, from film and television shooting to fire rescue, from emergency Communication to traffic inspections, we can see the drone's healthy posture.

With the gradual opening of the consumer market, its industrial-grade applications have continued to land, and the field of surveying and mapping has become a new airspace for its soaring. The UAV, which incorporates remote sensing technology, has been widely praised by people in the surveying and...Continue Reading
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Using drones to transport medical samples such as tissue sections, blood, serum, vaccines, organs, etc., at the signing ceremony of the medical logistics drone project and the cooperation of industry, university and research institute held at the Second Hospital of Nanhua University, this scene made the witness praise.

During the operation of the medical logistics drone, the eye-opening, well-trained staff independently loaded the safety box (packages, blood, and other medical samples) into the drone and passed the artificial intelligence application. Start the drone. Then, the drone was autonomously flew to the pathology department on the 5th floor of the destination outpatient hall on the 9th floor of the second inpatient department of Nanhua Second Hospital along the scheduled route, and the safety box was received by another staff member.

The medical logistics drone has a load capacity of up to 2.5 kg, an infrared sensor is used to guide its take-off and landing, and in an emergency, the drone has a built-in parachute to ensure it falls safely on the ground.

It is understood that the hospital is the first hospital in the country to use the UAV logistics transmission system. After using the drone logistics, the inspection efficiency can be improved, and the position of the inspection center can be flexibly arranged to reduce the repeated investment of large-scale inspection equipment.

However, limited by the drone load and endurance, the application of medical
...Continue Reading
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Standing in the field, Lu Jiyu raised the Notuzi X85 drone to a height of 100 meters by manipulating the remote control in his hand, taking a picture of the whole watermelon field, and then using the big data formula to calculate the number of watermelons, quickly completing the past and causing headaches for farmers. The "number of watermelons" puzzle.

Lu Ji’s Hualien is an important watermelon producing area in Taiwan, with an annual output of more than 30,000 tons, ranking first in Taiwan. Lu Jiyu’s Shoufeng Township in Hualien County, the watermelon produced, feels the market with a full, sweet mouth. Because of the large number and difficulty in calculating, the farmers usually only have to "guess" the quantity and then negotiate the price with the middle, which is often suppressed.
Recalling the experience of watermelons in the past, Lu Jiyan said frankly, how to calculate is not good. He cooperated with friends who love to play drones and developed the use of MMC drone high-altitude image inventory technology to finally solve this problem. It was later proved that the amount estimated by the aerial shot was quite accurate. With reference data, farmers have the bargaining power of bargaining with middlemen, and they can choose favorable timings for shipments based on market conditions to obtain greater returns. Later, this technology was also used to monitor crop growth and assess a wide range of areas such as damage.

Lu Jiu, 39, originally...Continue Reading