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Posted by rclad | Jan 01, 2018 @ 11:13 PM | 2,797 Views
Our club was going to have an informal fun fly today, just a few members who fly regularly gathering to mark the start of the new year. Of course everyone was welcome.

Naturally, the weather had its own plans. A polar vortex brought frigid temperatures that won't be warming for a while. The event was cancelled, and I planned to just stay home for the day.

When the day began with sun and clear skies I started having second thoughts. I survived a short walk in my neighborhood at noon, so how bad could it be? Drawn by sun and blue sky, I decided to fly.

Problem was I had nothing ready, so I scrambled to charge batteries, solder some EC3 connectors on a new LiPo pack (twice - in my rush I soldered on male plugs instead of female), bind and install a new receiver and get my little Sport Cub all trimmed up. I wanted the plane ready to go, minus battery insertion, to minimize exposure. I usually fly my 87" Extra, but I wasn't about to attempt assembly outdoors in these conditions.

The Cub didn't seem to mind the 11F temperature and flew great, although a bit bumpy in the wind. Even caught some thermals. I had to warm my batteries and transmitter on the dash, so I parked facing the sun. Tx glove worked great. You can see tracks from a touch and go (with cross wind, so not very pretty). Two flights - about 4.5 minutes each - were all I could handle, though. Packs were brand new, so I wanted to go easy on them. Turns out I used only 22 to 25% of the 2200 mAh packs.

By warming the transmitter on the dash and using a transmitter glove, my hands stayed warm during the flights. I did wear some bike gloves, which have the finger tips open.

Enjoy the pics and don't mind my ugly mugshot. After getting back home I realized I forgot about my new Mobius camera. Could have gotten some nice video. Sorry about that!

Happy new year to all!