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Posted by WingNut64 | Aug 09, 2012 @ 05:26 AM | 42,048 Views
My little box from Hong Kong arrived on Saturday, so I've been quite busy getting everything to fit correctly. There were a couple things I had to work around;

1) The battery was a bit long, would not fit either lower bay.

2) the receiver lead on the ESC was waaay short, especially since the receiver sits in a well aft of the servos.

For the battery; there was plenty of room for it above the servos. So, I built a tray for it to sit in; with the wing latched in place, the battery is secure. And the CG is perfect. When I get a Dremel, I am going to open up the forward bulkhead of the lower compartment, and the battery will sit the same distance from the nose, just lower. For now, this will work well.
As for the throttle lead; I extended it with 20 ga wire, heat-shrinking all connections after soldering. I got the stick mount cut, motor in place. I powered it up to make sure the motor spun the right way, then soldered/heatshrunk everything.
I centered all trims, then tightened the linkages flush. Installed the cowl, prop-saver w/prop. Then, the landing gear I'd made from bicycle spokes. I ran it up, everything was in balance. I taxied around the garage a little; all looked proper, so I put it up and waited for a good flying day.
That day was 8-8-12. I loaded the plane & field gear up, took it out to my dead-end road spot. Wind was about 7 knots (8mph) from the North; a slight crosswind, no problem. I powered it up, latched the wing in place, taxied...Continue Reading
Posted by WingNut64 | Jul 25, 2012 @ 05:30 AM | 42,398 Views
Repairing the Dynam Cub, I've found Dollar Tree foam incredibly easy to work with, and I'm building my tool arsenal to capitalize on this. I've bought a low-temp glue gun, and I'm shopping for a sheet of plywood for a building table. I want at least 3ft x 4ft, and I plan on using a ceiling tile or something similar as a soft top, so I can pin parts in place. There's a "surplus building materials" retailer nearby, I'll have to hit them up. I have a multitude of blades for my X-Acto, a selection of sandpaper, 3 different metal rulers, hinge tape, several different adhesives. Might start a scratchbuild this week, it depends on how long it takes for my Cub parts to arrive from Hong mean Hobby King.
I had noticed that the rudder throw was unequal, because the (already installed) rudder horn eye was well aft of the hinge line; as an additional consequence the push rod was just barely long enough. The reason for this; the horn would not clear the lower empennage if it was placed properly. Since I had to strip the back of the plane and build my own parts, I mounted the horn so the eye was right on the hinge line, and made a notch in the empennage below the elevator so the rudder horn would clear. This should make rudder deflection equal in both directions. Because locating the rudder horn correctly interfered with the tailwheel in it's original spot, I had to move the tailwheel aft about 3/8".
As for the horizontal stab/elevator; I followed the...Continue Reading
Posted by WingNut64 | Jul 23, 2012 @ 05:26 AM | 42,397 Views
One of the positive things I've done in my short time R/C flying, is getting my son interested in it. It started before I got the Champ, with an Air Hogs 2-channel that a co-worker had given up on...he just couldn't fly it. I had buzzed it around a bit on nice days, and though it wouldn't do much, it was all right for passing the time. My son saw it sitting on the back seat of the car while we were out & about, and asked if he could try it. I said "sure", and drove to a nearby park. He took to it right away, and seemed to really enjoy himself. So I told him to keep it, as he had a parking lot right behind his mom's house where he could fly it.
After I got the Champ, it took only a little coaching (and a couple un-graceful stops in tall grass), and he was flying full batteries without stopping. After the Champ's demise, the wife had bought me a Hawk Eye Blue Sky camera plane, and he really liked flying it around, then uploading videos on YouTube. After I got the Cub, we would both fly, and despite the Hawk Eye's sloppy controls, he could capture the Cub in quite a few frames.
One such time was in mid-July. It was Saturday evening, the wind had died down, and both planes were getting their batteries charged. I had wanted to take him to my dead-end road spot...but with the sun dropping fast, we had no time to drive there. So, in spite of my best judgement, we went to the field down the street. There was no runway, it was hand-launch only, and stall it...Continue Reading
Posted by WingNut64 | Jul 22, 2012 @ 12:19 PM | 42,132 Views
After logging quite a bit of stick-time with the Cub, I was still looking for a perfect place to fly it. I needed much more room than I had for the Champ, and though I could bring it down in grass, this usually resulted in a nose-over as the wheels were too small.
Scanning Google Maps, I had found several places that looked decent, but in person, were not so ideal. Then, driving to work one afternoon, I looked at a small county road that had been cut off by highway expansion. The former site of a truck stop, it had a vacant lot on one side, and straw field on the other. No houses, no wires, very flat. The next day, I left a little early, Cub in the back seat and charged Li-Po in the field tray. Wind was 5-7 mph; tricky for the Champ, but no biggie for this larger plane. Power-up, control check, and away! The wind was out of the Northeast, blowing right down the road. So, I did 10 minutes of patterns, touch-and-goes, and even a couple low crosswind passes to get used to crabbing; where the old truck stop entrance had been, it was wide enough to land crossways. The road was smooth, almost a half-mile long, shallow ditches. And, though it was a 20-min drive from home, it was a minute or so from where I I started grabbing stick-time on my lunch break. I did this for the better part of a month, and will do so again once the plane is repaired... the necessity of which will be described in my next entry.
Posted by WingNut64 | Jul 21, 2012 @ 05:53 PM | 42,300 Views
The Cub was about $135 shipped, IIRC. I had looked at videos, read reviews, and though I saw some shortcomings...figured it was a cheap entry to 4-channel flight, and that I could work around it's flaws.
When it arrived, I saw that the instructions were;

1) Poorly translated, and unbelievably vague, and;

2) written for a similar (but not the same) aircraft.

It took a few hours to assemble it, using Gorilla and white glues (I'd read the included glue was crap). Checking the CG with the battery in it's intended compartment, it was actually 40 mm forward of it's intended spot. With the battery in the large belly box aft of the landing gear, it balanced perfectly at 60 mm. So, I threaded the battery lead into there. A bit short, but workable. I bound the rx and esc, cycled the controls, all trimmed out & centered. The motor ran smooth, with good progression. Mounting the prop, I found it pulled quite well when run up, but vibrated a bit. Turning the prop on the shaft a few times, I found a vibration-free 'sweet spot' where there was nothing but smooth power. I pulled the battery, shut off the tx, put the plane up, waiting for a good day to maiden it.

That day came the following Friday. I had located a church parking lot that opened on a large, grassy area, bordered by trees. It was at the end of a dead-end road, so I had the area to myself. The wind was ~5mph and steady, from the E-NE. I taxied the plane around a bit, got the feel of steering the rudder...Continue Reading
Posted by WingNut64 | Jul 20, 2012 @ 10:03 PM | 42,293 Views
I've been here for about a year, having started out with the Hobbyzone Champ. Great little plane; it taught me so much, and I wasn't easy on it. It started the day it arrived at my door.
The big box arrived, oh, maybe four days after I ordered it. I slipped my oversized phone, a DroidX in to my T-shirt pocket, and took the box into the bedroom to open it. As I opened the lid and pushed it back, the phone slid from my pocket and dented the wing. Well, I assessed the damage, closed the box, and got ready for work (I work evenings). I took the plane along, as there was little wind and our lot is quite large. Before starting lunch, I had set up the charger and had the battery topped off. I scanned the instructions, turned the plane over...and the battery connector was inside and barely visible!. I had to cut the tape, fish the wire through the hole, tape it shut.
I turned on the tx, plugged in the battery...and it didn't bind. I tried repeatedly, and no go. The next day, I called HH, they sent out a fuselage w/electronics and a pushrod kit. Three days later, it arrived. I simply cut the tape, swapped the upper fuselage onto the new one. I reused the existing pushrods, and carefully pulled the tail off and swapped it over. In went the battery, I bound it. Checked throttle, prop direction, controls, all OK. Back in the box and off to work.
Lunch break time! Wind was only 5 mph, but gusting a bit more than I liked. I thought about waiting...but I didn't. An ROG takeoff into...Continue Reading