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Posted by pittsartist | Today @ 10:38 AM | 4 Views
10 days to go until the nationals ...... here's yesterdays practice session.

3 Cameras, Synced to first wing rock then edited by switching between them along an unadjusted time line. Fairly happy, Just need to watch out for the 1000' minimum altitude, there's a second or two at 900' near the end

20th August Int Free Known Practice (4 min 12 sec)

Posted by eihoward | Today @ 09:51 AM | 52 Views
I plan to document in this entry how to replicate simple Spektrum Airwave radio programming tasks that are a little more elaborate to program in the Graupner MZ-24 Pro radio.// Planeo documentar en esta entrada como replicar programación simple de radios Spektrum Airwave en el Graupner MZ-24 Pro en el cual es un poco mas elaborado hacer algunas cosas.

First, Graupner switches as described in the manual
//Primero, descripción de los interruptores que están disponibles en el Graupner

• 1 two-position switch with long handle (S6)// 1 interruptor de dos posiciones con mango largo
• 1 three-position switch with long handle (S3)// 1 interruptor de tres posiciones con mango largo
• 4 three-position switches with a short handle (S1, S4, S5 and S7)// 4 interruptores de tres posiciones de mango corto
• 2 one-side, self-neutralizing three-position switches with long handle (S2 and S8)// 2 interruptores de tres posiciones con neutralizado automático de un lado
• 2 INC/DEC buttons (DT1 and DT2)// 2 botones de INCrementar/DECrementar
• 2 rear proportional sliders (SL1 and SL2)// 2 controles lineales proporcionales
• 4 proportional dials (DV1 - DV4) // 4 controles rotativos

I did not find this information, before buying the Graupner radio and asked for it, but it is in the manual burried in the information for assigning control to channels. // Esta información no la pude encontrar antes de comprar la radio Graupner y pregunte por ella, pero esta disponible en el manual enterrada en la información para asignar controles a los canales.
Posted by sanukiudon | Today @ 09:43 AM | 48 Views
Slope glider for weak winds(Span:2.0m).
Detailed content →http://sanukigenjin.blog.fc2.com/blog-category-25.html
Posted by Plasmajoe | Today @ 08:24 AM | 110 Views
I have what I consider to be the best Tiger Moth ARF ever built. It was built by DYMOND Models and has been discontinued for years now. The plane would be perfect for a 70-80 Four Stroke. It has a 72" wingspan and it is silk covered wings and fuselage. comes with everything including hardware, wheels, servo extensions and fiberglass cowling. See my blog photos of this kit. Absolutely a beautiful kit. The price is right in line with FLAIR kits Tiger Moth, but 90% of the time has already been done for you. Price is firm at $450 plus exact shipping.

Regards, Gordon
Posted by Chandler Bing | Today @ 04:43 AM | 237 Views
Good news!
Obtain accept pre-order now.
welcome to visit!

Posted by akkteck | Today @ 02:01 AM | 306 Views
Crashaccepted just ordered AKK 3 K31P and 3 AKK CA40,and other items, thanks to Crashaccepted, here is the review of k31p.

AKK K31P 600mw 40 Channel Video Transmitter Review

Published: June 8, 2017. Original article click here

And once again, we have another product from AKK, and once again you may be asking yourself, whats different and special about this one. Compared to the other AKK VTX’s we have reviewed, this one has a number of features that we really like, and differentiate it from its siblings, the X1 and X1P.

First Impressions
The first impressions of this product were even better than the X1 series. The box is much more colourful, but once again has the glossy finish on the front that makes you want to open it up. When you open a box, the VTX is snuggly fit into a piece of foam to protect it during shipping, and the cables, silicone once again were just above. One thing you notice immediately are the 2 seven segment displays, and the thick coax with the right angled SMA connector are always a good sight. The video transmitter does not come with an antenna, but most FPV pilots have dipole ‘rubber ducky’ antennas coming out of their ears, so not receiving one is a breath of fresh air. The 2 buttons on the VTX were on the side as well, which would make VTX channel switching much more easy. One slightly disappointing feature is that it only transmits on 600mw, and we would maybe like to see AKK do a VTX like this with a BEC with all the seven...Continue Reading
Posted by Rio.suandika | Yesterday @ 10:54 PM | 387 Views
I just crashed my flyzone dhc2 beaver a few seconds after take off. One thing I noticed before the crash happened was that the aileron servos were having a latency (or glitch) on my first turn after take off, the plane didn't roll immediately as soon as I push the stick to the left and right. When I knew things are going to go wrong, I tried to land the plane but I had no elevator control and the plane dove straight to the pavement. Can you guys tell me what went wrong? Could it be the anylink or the radio's battery level or the receiver? Right now I'm trying to repair the plane but I'm not planning on flying it until i know what caused the signal loss.
Please help! Thanks
Posted by thomaswood | Yesterday @ 09:54 PM | 430 Views
Hi Guys ,
Do not be too surprised when you see this blog , Do not doubt this 15A Slim ESC .
For the 3D F3P flying , we will required strickly to the weight even to gram , include the cable ,connector and so on .
And current for 10A or 20A if price and weight is acceptable , i prefer 20A better

However i belive this ZTW Mantis slim 15A can fulfil most of your requires , check these data :
Size : 27*14*mm (L*W) , compared to Castle THUNDER BIRD 9A which is 26.8*17.4 mm(L*W) ,How slim it is !
BEC output : 2A/5V continuous and peak can ge 3A/5V but only for not over 5 seconds . but this is enough , as i know other versions 10-20A ESC, BEC is only 1A. continuous.
Current : 15A , this is between 10A-20A . maybe some 3D flying guys have been looking for this .
Price : i think 15-20USD is acceptable . depond on different marekt . As it can be bought from Amazon https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0...=ag_xx_cont_xx or other distributors now .
Program : Yes ,it can be programmed by the ZTW program card
Weight : 5.5g does not include the cable . From the fractory , include cable,connector under 6.5g is possible . but if you can DIY , 6g can be realized !
Software : Updated version which with faster throttle response for the 3D flying .

BEC ouput stronger , Size smaller , weight lighter, price acceptable ,software updated .
But personally think , the weight still can be lower a little .

Posted by Absaroka | Yesterday @ 09:26 PM | 415 Views
Update on process- Using stock ESC ( eventhough I prefer Hitec) but I'm doing this out of my spare parts bin. Used Tundra rubber tires, didn't have grub nuts so made them out of the bar that comes on APC prop adapters. Using Tactic High speed servos for Elev/Rudder. Used the Durafly prop as the black & white fits the color scheme. Did find a neat little spinner nut in the bin that fits. Used my spare stock motor.
Posted by ChopperStyle84 | Yesterday @ 07:32 PM | 481 Views
I have the anyFC with 8 open Uarts. I have enabled 2 of them, but one is for my Rx and the other is for my Smart Port. Whenever I enabled any of the others my #3 motor stops working. I am wondering if I am doing something wrong, or possibly somebody else has had this same issue. I have searched all over the internet but their is a lack of info protaining the F7.
If you enable a Uart that I need for RX and TX the #3 motor stops spinning when armed. When I disable the Uart all motor arm and spin correctly and it flies great.
I have a anyFC F7 Flight Controller, Frysky RX, 4 in 1 ESC, and basic 2204 motors.
I have flashed the new 3.2 Betaflight and also flashed 3.17 Betaflight, neither has changed the outcome.
Posted by fastmax | Yesterday @ 06:46 PM | 560 Views
The new Floureon K250 is now available, and brings a few very welcome updates to the tried, and true Racer 250 platform. Click me to purchase.

This new version replaces the 2204 motors of the old 250 racer with 2205 2300kv motors. The old Naze32 flight controller has been updated to an SP Racing F3 FC with OSD. The 1000TVL FPV camera gives a clear, and clean FPV feed, and the new Pagoda FPV antenna gives an improved range with better signal quality.

One of my favorite things about these quads are the lights. The headlights are very bright, and the LED light bar on the back looks extremely cool during night flights. (See pics) They also aid in keeping correct orientation at distances when flying LOS.

These quads are excellent for anyone looking at getting into FPV flight, or those that just want a cool looking drone to fly around the yard, or local park. This K250 Racer is available as a Flysky, or Frsky BNF, or as a PNP model ready for your own choice of receiver. This is also one of the most affordable 250mm quadcopters with the PNP version costing only $121.99 and the BNF versions costing $130.99

I just finished getting mine set up in CleanFlight, and will get some flight video ASAP so stay tuned for updates as I spend some time with the quad....Continue Reading
Posted by JD-Slow-Thumbs | Yesterday @ 06:42 PM | 498 Views
The other night I was browsing the forums and a title caught my eye,
Depth perception problems and eye tests, by BernardW,
I replied with the following:
About “Depth-Perception” at longer distances.

Binocular (two-eye) vision is great for things that we can hold in our hands, ok out to about three meters, poor at six meters, and not worth much at all at fifty meters.

Probably the biggest clue about distance is knowing its’ size and seeing “how big” it looks off in the distance. (At a distance "how-big" would be a small angle).

Other major clues are its’ relation to foreground and background. When it passes in-front-of a tree we know it is closer, when it passes in-back-of a bush we know it is farther. When it just passes over the bush or the tree we do not really know for sure its’ position.

So... When a plane is flying in a clear blue sky it is harder to guess the range. If trying to land on a flat field with few features then it will be hard to guess its range until it goes below the horizon and starts going in-front-of some features.
Binocular Vision - I learned about binocular vision several years ago when I briefly explored getting into "3D-Stereo-Photography". One of the first things that I learned was that you could have more than just the "standard" 63mm lens-to-lens separation (InterpPupillary Distance). For example you could make a better stereo photograph of the grand canyon by mounting two cameras under the wingtips of an airplane, this would accent the 3D effect.

Foreground-Subject-Background - is something that I learned about when studying general photographic composition. It is also found in stereo-photography, and traditional-cel-animation technique, and adding "Depth" to movies to be shown on flat-TV's

Thanks for reading

The discussion is over here in Aircraft-General > Crash Discussion
He sounded satisfied with the replies that he received, turns out his biggest problem was a crosswind.

P.S. This Foreground-Background idea might be nice to try at an FPV-Race-Course.
P.P.S. Anybody want to try 3D-Stereo-Photography using a 2meter glider?
Posted by aben71 | Yesterday @ 04:50 PM | 581 Views
Hi all,
Great weekend and what a day to go out and get some FPV flights inI took this oopurtunity to test out the Eachine Ev006 mini goggles.I must say I do like them!I also had my Eachine EV800 gogglles on hand for comparison.

The Vr006 goggles performed nicely,reception was as good actually possible slightly better range than my Ev800's.

Screen resolution was good,not as nice as my as my Ev800 but still acceptable.

The VR006 goggles are very small and not for everyone but the worked well for me and were more comfortable than the Ev800,much lighter as well.

I like the compact size of the VR006 goggle ,very transportable,I was able to fit two controlles ,the VR006 goggles and my DYS Elf in one bag,pretty cool

I am finishing up my video review and will post it soon here in this thread,please stay tuned
Posted by stipesb97 | Yesterday @ 04:25 PM | 577 Views
This is the most easiest way to make your own custom voice for commands and alerts on ersky.

You will need software audacity. It is free and really easy to install.

Get software here: http://www.audacityteam.org/download/

Set these parameters like on the picture. Then hit record button.
Name: izmjena.jpg
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Size: 283.3 KB
Description: Set these parameters like on the picture. Then hit record button.

Hit the export audio.
Name: IMG-20170820-WA0031.jpg
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Size: 224.5 KB
Description: Hit the export audio.

Save record as a wav 16-bit PCM format,
and call it with the number from 0000 to 0200
...Continue Reading
Posted by Woodinthesky | Yesterday @ 03:24 PM | 631 Views
Posted by GBLynden | Yesterday @ 02:55 PM | 631 Views
This is footage of two Gold Edition Top Flite Giant Scale RC Planes at Warbirds Over Whatcom. They are the Top Flite F4U Corsair & Top Flite P-47 Razorback WWII Warbird Formation Flying for those in attendance. The pilots are very skilled and put on a great show, even when dealing with some strong wind.

Giant Scale Top Flite F4U Corsair & Top Flite P-47 Razorback WWII Warbird Formation Flying (4 min 27 sec)

Posted by Mirec46x | Yesterday @ 02:15 PM | 656 Views
Just raw cut of trying my first powerloops

My first powerloops (1 min 35 sec)

Posted by Chile Vuela | Yesterday @ 01:45 PM | 684 Views
I've seen an increase in the number of guys asking about video options for long distances, so I thought I'd take a moment and distill my experience from the last year and a half and give a bit of advice to get out there farther. I hope this helps some of you!

Long Distance Miniquad Fundamentals and Advice (17 min 45 sec)