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Posted by lee_vance27 | Mar 08, 2016 @ 10:34 PM | 2,843 Views
Holy moly it's been a long time since I have been on here. A lot has happened in my life since the last login. I went and married the woman of my dreams. I now have 2 stepsons and 1 of our own. Love my life. As far as planes go well I have not stopped flying, in fact a lot of building and improving upon my flying skills. I now have a basement full of planes from flyers to almost flyers. Problem I am having is I'm addicted and have to many project planes at once..lol. well 6am comes early so off to bed I go.
Posted by lee_vance27 | Jun 20, 2010 @ 07:51 PM | 3,787 Views
Well another build to add to the multitude of planes that are now overtaking my room. The old mans planes arent helping any either tho..So I have always been a fan of the barn storming days. The old bipes just have style and class.. Not to mention the sound of an old radial engine is heaven to the ears. So i decided to start building a SE5A. Ive been working on it now for over a month. Just a lil here and a lil there. Trying to build this one to be the pride of my fleet..hehe Right now I currently have the fuselage built and painted with the tail sections temporarly taped in place.. Gonna hinge them eventually. I do have both wings cut out, but only one is built so far. So here are some pics of the current progress..more will come as i build more.....Continue Reading
Posted by lee_vance27 | Apr 22, 2010 @ 10:41 AM | 3,936 Views
Well decided to make a new BB after my 42' met her maker yesterday. Gonna go with the 33" version this time. I started on it last night. I have the fuselage and monobloc made and together now. Tail sections are cut. Gonna wait till I get more foam before I make the wing. Want this one to look good when I am done. I hope it will fly as good as the 42" did.. Well heres a couple pics of the progress so far.

Been workin on the 33 for the last couple days now. I have the sail section done and electronics installed now..Still have to make the wing. But I am very pleased with how the fuselage has turned out so far. It is a very sleek and sharp looking plane. Updating with some new pics to pf the progress...Continue Reading
Posted by lee_vance27 | Apr 12, 2010 @ 06:11 PM | 7,398 Views
The newest edition to my rc collection is the Traxxas Rustler 2.5. Awesome looking and running truck..Cant wait to have fun with it!!

Well ran it last night. Tempermental lil thing..took a min to get it running..Still have some tuning to do..It does not like to idle. And my antenna wire is broke so i have to resolder that..Love the speed!!..

Heres a video of todays run..Hard to drive and run camera at same time..lol

NItro Rustler 2.5 (0 min 29 sec)

Did a major cleaning today of the truck..Stripped it down to bare chassis and cleaned every crook, cranny, and crevice. It looks so good now.In fact so good i dont wanna get it dirty again.....ya right!!!..On another note after countless attempts to get it tuned in I have finally succeded. It purrs like a kitten now..

Heres a new pic of the paintjob..Like alot more than I did the stock...Continue Reading
Posted by lee_vance27 | Apr 08, 2010 @ 05:11 PM | 4,474 Views
Gotta love these windy, rainy days that leave you with nothing to do but build more planes. Today it was the F-18 design by Lomhe. Such a simple build. Great way to spend the day..lol..well here are some pics..Still have to put in all the gear.. It will be powered by a Suppo 2217-6 with a 40 amp esc. Should be fun and fast. Here are some current pics.

Added new pic with start of the color scheme..thinking Blue Angel on this one.

Worked on gettin servos mounted and contol surfaces working today. May make a maiden if this wind will let up a lil..10-15mph gusts right now..Also I had modify the motor cutout for the prop as my motor is just a lil bigger than what it was designed for. Had to move the mount back about a quarter inch or so and widen the prop opening by V'ing it out just a lil on either side. It says no bigger than a 6" prop and they mean it..Post more pics here soon of the final project minus the paint job..

Got the controls all hooked up now..Just waiting on motor mount yet and spar for wings..Wouldnt ya believe it 2 blind nuts for the motor mount are all thats stopping me..errrrrr...o well still windy out anyways..lol Have to wait another day..

Maiden flight was today. I decided to fly in the wind anyways..Big mistake!!! It ended up not being balanced right and a combination of wind put it into the ground. Munched up the nose a lil so had to reglue..Maiden #2 was worse..Ended up destoying the nose.. Had...Continue Reading
Posted by lee_vance27 | Apr 08, 2010 @ 05:05 PM | 4,112 Views

Found another plane I like again.. The Piranha design by Tony65x55. Started to build it about 3 days ago. Right now all I have done is the elevator assembly, rudder, and the wing..Have to get some foam for the monobloc. Will post more on this one later..Here are some pics for now.
Posted by lee_vance27 | Mar 25, 2010 @ 08:54 AM | 5,631 Views
So once again I found another plane that I really like. The simplicity of this buiild is great. All in all only a couple hour build. I maidened it yesterday, and the gear broke off on landing. Had to redesign the front gear. Hopefully now it wont break again. Still havent painted it yet. Kinda wanted to make sure it would fly first...lol...well here are some pics of the build and the final results..

Maidened it the other day.I LOVE THIS PLANE!!!....despite the fact I have to make another fuselage. Always remeber to check glued seams before flight. I got 3 good flights in and on the fourth battery the elevator was not glued as strongly as I thought it was. It ended up ripping off in midflight. And down she came..So bummed..but I will build another one for sure..Absolutely love this plane. Its so docile and easy to fly. Unfortunately no pics of the carnage. I have already stripped the carcass and disposed of it.

Just figured i would update with some new pics. The new fuselage is done now and some minor improvements to strengthen it more. I made the monobloc longer by about 5 inches. Notably stronger now about mid fuselage. Also this fuselage is made from blue fan fold instead of dollar tree foam. And yes the elevator on this one is glued strong. Still waiting to fly the new one. Been having wind gusts of up to 30mph. Way to light for that kind of wind.

I flew her yesterday. Well tried to anyways. The wind ended up...Continue Reading
Posted by lee_vance27 | Mar 09, 2010 @ 04:42 PM | 4,495 Views
This is an Edge 540 plans by leadfeather. Once again I like the looks of this plane and how simple it looks to build. So I got the plans and this is the result of a late night last night. It is ready for paint and I also need to go buy a motor and esc for it. I cant wait to fly it.

Started to figure out a color scheme for this plane. I am going to checker the bottom of the plane red. Still havent figured out the top side yet.

Decided on a color scheme for the top side today. Did the aileron's yellow and the elevator yellow. Added Edge 540 to the LE of wings and my initials to the rudder. I like the way it has turned out. Also got the servo's mounted. The aileron's are functional now. Need to get some more control rod to finish the rudder and elevator. But overall I am very pleased with this plane.

Finished plane today. Maiden flight was today also. First flight lasted about 10 seconds before it became intimate with the ground..To much thro on controls, and I am not that great yet either. Cracked the wing and seperated the fuselage alittle, nothing a little hot glue couldnt fix. Back in the air for flight #2. I decided to let dad fly it to help get it trimmed in. Flew superb other than it is very touchy he said on the controls. Gonna have to experiement I guess..I have 2 videos to show the days events.

Here are a couple of pics from the flight the other day. Flew great till the reciever died in mid flight...Continue Reading
Posted by lee_vance27 | Mar 03, 2010 @ 11:38 AM | 7,952 Views
Ok so I like the 60" one sheet build that Springer made. So I have decided to build one. So far this has been a very simple build. I still need to finish the wings but have everything else already built and ready to be assembled. I am not sure if I am going to put a motor on it yet or just make it a hand toss..undecided at the moment.

Some updated pics of the glider with a paint scheme finally. Still waiting to buy a motor and esc yet.
Posted by lee_vance27 | Mar 03, 2010 @ 11:32 AM | 4,741 Views
This is the Wombat build. At the present moment I have stopped building due to lack of supplies. But I have the fuselage halfs together and the elevator and rudder built. This is a fairly easy build so far. I still have to build the wings. That will come at a later date. Need more foam first..

I started to work on this pane again. I now have the eleavtor and rudder hinged in. Still waiting to build the wings. I decided to go wth metal pin hinges for the control surfaces instead of taping the hinges..Just seemed like it would be stronger in the long run.
Posted by lee_vance27 | Nov 13, 2009 @ 08:36 PM | 6,779 Views
Well this was a great looking plane out of the box. It had all the lines of a good plane. I was a little worried about flying tho do to the fact of it being my first plane. Honestly it and I did great on the first flight until it came time to land..That is where i start to not like this plane. First not sure if it was a reciever error or a pilot error but it throttled up causing it to smash into the ground. It ended up breaking the whole nose off the fuselage and ripping the elevators to shreds. Well i rebuilt the tail out of balsa and it appears to be a lot stronger than the foam it was made of. And the nose cowl and motor mount was reglued. They used a silicon type glue from the factory which i dont know why. But from researching this plane that appears to be a common problem with this plane ripping the nose off on landings or crashes..lol.. Right now I am waiting on a new bigger electric motor for it and we will try for a second flight..

I have ressurected the cessna today..took all the running gear from my Edge 540. We are gonna attempt to fly this plane again. It should have enough power this time as to where we wont have the problems we did the first time...........................6 hours later......lets take a look at the carnage shall we..It shall fly no more..or shall it???

Here are some photos of the ressurection flight from a couple of days ago. Even with a bigger motor this plane just refuses to fly.