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Posted by YarSmythe | Jun 08, 2016 @ 10:21 PM | 13,802 Views
When my new garage workshop was completed back in 2013, I wanted to reduce the amount of dust produced by my sanding & cutting tools. I could have purchased an expensive JET air filtration unit ($300+) or gone super cheap with a box fan and air filter. However, I saw a few homemade boxes built by carpenters that caught my eye so I decided to build my own using items I had around the house.

My unit is built around a 20x14" air filter. It's not a popular size but it fits in my workshop nicely and is sized properly for the 465CFM fan I purchased.

Here are the two main items for this build:

Active Air 465CFM Blower (discontinued - but good for reference info)

60-minute A/C Spring Loaded Wall Timer (a MUST)

The box is built out of plywood and MDF. The inner-lining is a material called HOMASOTE. It's used here as noise reduction material. However, it is also a great material to put on top of your workbench. It is flat and holds pins very well.

The best tip was that 60-minute timer. The MAIN reason to have it is so you can turn the fan on when you leave the room. It'll process the air in the room for an hour and then automatically shut off. The SECOND reason it helps is that it tells me how long I've been in the workshop! Sometimes I get so wrapped up in things I let time fly. I turn on the fan when I walk in and take a break when it goes off. Very user friendly device.

My workshop is MUCH cleaner now that I have this unit. I hope you
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