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Posted by YarSmythe | May 31, 2008 @ 06:04 PM | 7,057 Views
A few months ago I was evicted from the house to make room for baby #2. Buying a new house was not an option so I ended up taking over the garage.

Part I of the move can be found here.

It hasn't been an fun job. I live in Houston and that means you have to deal with:

- Heat
- Humidity
- Bugs
- & Heat

I've just about givin' up making any future decisions on its appearance. It's hot, it's cramped, and I just don't have the funds to buy the things it really needs. For now, it's a place my wife doesn't want so at least I should be able to keep my toys there.

The crappy news is that I called an electrician out yesterday to hook up the air conditoner to a dedicated circuit in the garage for our second refrigerator. The outlet I was using was freaking out my chargers on the side wall so I just assumed it was on the same circuit.

Well, he ran a butt-ugly cable over from the refrigerator and installed an outlet next to the air conditioner. The good news...it works fine. The bad news? Turns out, another outlet next to air conditioner was ALREADY on a separate circuit, not connected to the other wall outlets for my electronic gear. I had just 'assumed' it was connected because it was right there...but turns out we could have used it instead. ARRGGGHHH!! What waste of time and money.

So, here are the photos. If I can find some spare time to finish up some kits lying around and clean up the mess, it'll look halfway decent. Until then, here is my new Hobby Shack.