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Posted by YarSmythe | Dec 28, 2007 @ 05:56 PM | 9,224 Views
I only needed epoxy at my LHS today...but I walked away with epoxy AND a Phase 3, P-38 Lightning kit. The Lightning is a favorite of mine (thus my foamy Funder 'n Lightning design) but I've never built the real thing. The Hobby Lobby and E-Flite kits have been egging me on but I just never had the guts to buy one. ...until now.

There is a Phase 3, P-38 thread that I've been following. When I heard this kit comes with fairly good motors and speed controllers, the price (only $159) seemed reasonable. Oh...and a $150 gift certificate from the mother-in-law doesn't hurt either!

First impressions:

- The box holds all the pieces very well....much like an ALFA model (very nice kits).
- Foam is the brittle kind...much like an ALFA model (oh well)
- Motors and speed controllers included. Sweet.
- All pieces painted. Super sweet.
- Detail on the foam looks very good. Not sure how scale it is but still impressive.

The build won't start right away as I've got other projects to finish. But from what I've heard, this plane can be done in 1-2 evenings. Should be fun. I'll do my best to document the assembly from beginning to end.

Here are the first few images to tease you.