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Posted by mpjf01 | May 22, 2020 @ 08:38 PM | 8,901 Views
Looking for Failsafe with FRSKY ACCST RF Firmware Version 2.1.0.

The following is a description of a procedure to test for momentary failsafe (FS) events and possible
unwanted servo movements (USM). A basic and hopefully common procedure has been suggested to
enable easy comparison between different users and for the production and delivery of evidence that can
be used to enable further investigation and remedial action.

The procedure is intended to be general and not too prescriptive, recognising that participants will have
different models of transmitter, receiver and associated equipment and installations.

Nevertherless it has been designed to limit or eliminate some of the matters that have been blamed for
possible malfunction. We have chosen close range with proper antenna orientation, controlled power
supply and an environment where interference should not be a factor. We ask that if you need to use a
different arrangement to that specified you keep in mind the need to eliminate as many possible reasons
for malfunction as is possible.


FRSKY Transmitter.

A transmitter capable of supporting RF firmware version 2.1.0. Please make sure that you have flashed
the transmitter with the latest version of the firmware from the downloads section https://www.frsky- of the FRSKY website. Please ensure that you are using OpenTx 2.3.7 or the latest
version of FRSKYOS.

FRSKY Receiver.

Prefer model G-RX8...Continue Reading