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if you look at the GPA.Delta messages you will see the time in milliseconds between parsed positions. This should always be around 200 milliseconds +/- 20 milliseconds. If you see jumps on the order of 400 milliseconds this indicates an error.

if it drops the DOP messages/HW debug messages, but those are not that important. The main one it will let you know is if you miss a PVT message, which is very important.

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So I finally got this all hooked up and tested. ArduPilot checks for a location update every 20ms. So the GPA.Delta log shows that timing, and that is why it appears to be in 20ms intervals. These are on my test Solo sitting out on my deck using the brand new mRo M8N GPS. I had good reception and navigational use of all three systems.

The results confirm what I afraid of. I have not flown it to see if the results get event worse in flight, but they certainly may.
With the typical configuration of 2 systems enabled (GPS & Glonass), the location updates come in on time with a new location every 20ms or less, where you see them at 0 to 220. There are no errors, and everything is happy.

With the mRo configuration of 3 systems enabled (GPS, Glonass, & Galileo), location updates are consistently running late, and have quite a bit of jitter, where you see them spike up to 240. And there are numerous delayed updates in excess of the...Continue Reading
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Flashing Bluepill
usb is not supported both for flashing and configurating

PB1 and PA7
Softserial1 TX pin and Softserial2 TX

telemetry relaying



set pan_inverted=on

First calibration:

- First calibrate pan0 (stop pulse).
- Then calibrate the mag. If should spin counter clock wise during calibration. It it do it clock wise then your pan servo is reversed.
Spinning direction doesn't affect compass calibration.
pan_inverted on/off value doesn't take effect during compass calibration and pan servo calibration. Spinning direction during mag calibration will tell you whether your pan servo is inverted or not. You only should set pan_inverted to on if your pan servo is spinning CW during mag calibration, this param will take effect only during tracking, and when moving the slider in configurator.

set mag_declination = 0
set offset_trim = 0
set offset=0
- Calibrate compass again.
- Try to fine tune pan0 and min_pan_speed
- Set PIDs values properly



1. Short bootloader pins (Boot headers (11) - check pdf from link above),...Continue Reading
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no soft serial in AP yet...sorry

The F4 processors have a dedicated VCP port for USB, not like the previous generation boards which had a USB-serial chip feeding a UART on the uP.
The Omnibus F4 boards pins out only UART1, 3, and 6, however, UART3 pins are shared with I2C (for external compass/airspeed) on the port for AP, I2C is enabled and UART3 disabled. It is possible to change the HWDEF and recompile to disable I2C and use UART3.


Omnibus F4 Pro V3
OMNIBUS F4 schematic


2 UARTs since UART3 is always used for I2C in Ardupilot firmware
Sport support does not really exist yet
rssi solder pad to PIN 0 on omnibusf4pro, can be used for either ana rssi, ana arspd or any other analog voltage function desired.

PWM5 and 6 are pwm outputs, functions is set by SERVO5 and 6 function param

arducopter4.rar - Custom FW by Atx_Heli with Uart4 - SERIAL2


F405 Wing
UARTn = SERIALn except for USART2 being used for RCInput, so SERIAL2 stays empty
RSSI pin voltage is 0-3.3 v
the SD card reader is very picky (...Continue Reading

QLrs faq + info

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ALL NEW 433 modules will not work!

Flashing tips

Telemetry data is transmitted only from UAV to ground up to FW V2.

Supported RC protocols:

Tx module supports for input CPPM, uninvented SBUS (at RX pin), both up to 16ch, and PXX (also know as XJT D8 and D16) input protocol.
Sbus requires external inverter.

V2.1 supports only sbus for input!

Rx-OUT supports CPPM up to 16ch, or SBUS at AUX (no inverter needed).

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SBUS inverter

S.BUS connection diagram is at the end of the post.

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Telemetry Setup and tips:

mavlink setup
mavlink setup 2
About bluetooth
To use mavlink with iNav

Ublox vs Mavlink
serMode parameters
Lua Script

Telemetry 2.1 Setup and tips:


Random links:

40km flight
Lora vs FSK
RF LoRa link is 6835.94 bps
1.2GHz interference measurements
crappy 868MHz antennas
RF channel number included in payload, for better synchronization
ABLomas failed to use modules but all of them work! -> Why.
no need to solder anything to swd port

E62 module
E46-TTL-1W module
E32-433T30S module
E22 900T22S
Ebyte vs AS
RHF76-052 / RHF78-052

QCZEK_LRS_Case 2 stl
reset the board feature

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Please feel free to post in the comments here some useful links to the messages from the main thread to keep this list updated!