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Posted by FlySkyRC | Jul 25, 2019 @ 09:33 PM | 3,711 Views
New listing覧Paladin PL18 Engineered to be intuitive.

Countless hours of development and testing by dozens of talented engineers and talented pilots.

Finally! The Paladin PL18 is coming!
Paladin PL18: The art of precision.

Free to Switch Types, Handy with 18 Channels.

For the first time fixed-wing, glider, helicopter, FPV, multicopter and construction vehicles are all supported with one transmitter. Switch model types and play with 18 customizable channels.

Smash all boundaries and do things your way with the Paladin PL18.

Adjustable high precision HALL gimbal technology!

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Posted by FlySkyRC | Jul 22, 2019 @ 11:15 PM | 2,311 Views
The factory will start shipping the Paladin PL18 on July 25th (Beijing time). This is also the time in which the FlySky Paladin PL18 will be listed globally and I hope I have time to talk to everyone before launch.

1. Testing the PL18
In preparation for the PL18 launch, on June 25th (Beijing time), FlySky痴 General Manager Mr. Liu Feng, our team of testers and professional level pilots carried out the last of a long list of comprehensive tests. The testing involved many model types including fixed wing, gliders, helicopters, delta wing and multiple rotor aircraft, among others.

We have 10 FlySky internal testers as well as 15 professional pilots from Australia, Germany, South Korea, Hong Kong and China mainland, specializing in cars, racing boats, FPV, Helicopter, fixed-wings and multicopter. After 6 months of testing and countless bug fixes we are happy to say the final tests indicated that the PL18 has surpassed our expectations.

2. Why does PL18 be waited for so long before its releasing?
We have spent a lot of time coming up with new design iterations from the initial FS-i18 to the FT10, and finally the PL18. This gave us lots of space for experimentation with new software platforms (some are too unstable and react too slowly), more iterations in hardware, UI, switch position, hand grips antenna optimizations, ergonomics, RF development and extensive testing.

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