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Posted by FoamieNinja | Apr 09, 2019 @ 12:33 AM | 1,559 Views
It's been a while since I've had the opportunity to post again, so I'm going to quickly jump in, and hopefully bridge the gap before I get myself into the position to lose track of everything once more.

I'm going to skip over last year's FliteFest/IRCHA/MultiGP-IO coverage for now, as I didn't really gather enough to make a full post about it. I can always backtrack and fill that in at a later date.

On to the gist of it, for now.
I did my usual run-through of the event, snagging photos of all of the year's contestants and such... There were quite a large number of absolutely fantastic models there this year, albeit fewer than previous years. Some of that is likely due to reduced attendance, and reduced prize awards.

With that being said, I did enter one of my slightly older builds into the competition, and managed to snag first place in its class.
I ended up stripping down what I had poorly dubbed "QuadQuad," and touched up all of the imperfections in the finish, as well as made a few other minor changes.
One thing led to another, as I eventually decided on going all out, and finally getting a rider for it. For some reason, it seemed like a Donald Trump doll would be the perfect fit for it. The doll was fabricated completely from scratch by a friend of mine, right down to the hat, and shoes. Long story short, I was not disappointed by the end result.
The only unfortunate point in adding a rider to QuadQuad, is that I'll have to lock the handlebars in place......Continue Reading
Posted by FoamieNinja | Nov 30, 2018 @ 08:58 PM | 12,338 Views
Here we go again, with another attempt at me solving one of my most frustrating situations when attending radio control events.
This was devised and put into motion somewhat impulsively, due to a couple of frustrations I was dealing with at the time.

Problem: Not having a reliable, consistent source of power available.
Solution: Build a towable solar power system. Simple enough, right?

This had to be one of my more enjoyable builds, despite the size, and space requirements.
I had effectively transformed a standard 6x12' V nose trailer into what would be considered a near limitless source of power.

In a short pre-summary, I managed to mount ~800 watts of solar panels on the roof (with assistance, of course), and
successfully stow ~6kw/h of lead acid cells internally, with no penalty to storage space.

It took me a bit of time before I even decided to start laying everything out... But once everything was sorted, it didn't take long to finish, surprisingly.

It also features a wireless audio input, via bluetooth, as well as sound activated lighting.
Not sure why, but I also felt that it wouldn't be complete without a projector screen.


She has a 12/24vdc output, current limited to 40 amps. It also has a 3kw inverter, for running anything from chargers, to power tools.
Overall, it was a fantastic build. I quite enjoyed every moment of it, though some of the cable management was frustrating.

On a final, rather abrupt note... Some clips...Continue Reading
Posted by FoamieNinja | Nov 20, 2018 @ 01:23 AM | 13,804 Views
Well, It seems I've completely lost track of time. I've had a decent series of ups-and-downs over the past year, and nearly no time to appropriately stop and drop updates over the time that has passed.

I'm going to make an attempt to quickly cover the major stuff, and get caught up on the more vital things.
Minus being off by about seven months... I'll quickly nail down a summary of the 2018 Weak Signals show from earlier in the year.
This may just end up being a large photo dump, but it's a start.

The turnout was great, as per usual... Though the prize amounts were cut this year for unknown reasons.
The indoor fly was a hit as well. I had the opportunity to take the Savionus rotor up, as well as a few of my other unique designs.

Just a quick peek at the rotor, for those who have not seen it yet:

On a side note, The HCT-1800 managed to take first place in the multirotor class, too.

I'm going to cut this one abnormally short, as It's getting late, and I've got quite a bit more catching up to do before I'll have everything up to date here. Fingers crossed.


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Let's not forget Twitter, and YouTube as well

Until next time!
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Posted by FoamieNinja | Sep 04, 2017 @ 06:01 PM | 13,526 Views
It's been far too long since I've posted something here... I've had my hands quite full over the past few months, in an attempt to catch up on things that I've not had time to do.

That's okay though, because I've returned once more.
I'm going to break the chain of positivity for just a few moments though, as there is something that needs to be quickly cleared up before I can jump back and follow up with past advancements and updates.


Right, as some of you may know... I took a trip down to the Museum of the United States Air Force, over the Labor Day weekend.
Initially, my plans were to drop by the D.O.G.S. fly-in/Horizon RC Fest. This is where the story turns a bit sour.

Originally, I had figured that it would have gone just as previous years have... Unfortunately, it was not the case this time.
The first day was at the mercy of the weather, which is fully understandable, since we're all limited by that. I had noticed this year that the attendance was far lower than previous years. I found this rather strange, due to the location of the event, and the following.
There were unusually few vendors, as well as a minimal number of pilots.

"No problem there," I thought to myself. "It's likely just the poor weather conditions keeping people at home."
So, I leave at around noon. I come back the next morning to see little improvement in attendance.

To be fair, the weather was still overcast, and misty... So I still attributed it...Continue Reading
Posted by FoamieNinja | Dec 31, 2016 @ 10:28 PM | 14,861 Views
It's been far too long once again, since I've posted an update here... So much has happened, and I seem to have fallen behind on the whole mess of it.

I may just turn this post into a small gallery. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right?
Before I do that, I should fill in a few minor blanks along the way.
I've since been to Illinois and back, as I was able to experience the Quad Cities fly in, and spend some time with a good friend of mine while I was there. I've also had some not-so-good things come up along the way.

For example, a small bump finding out that the FT spear existed, and realizing that it's a carbon copy of my Striker wings. That's one of the main things that have been taking quite the toll on me, as of late.

Enough of that though. On to the photos!

One of the first things I'm going to mention is my little ducted hex and octo frames. They're officially the first of their kind. I give you the X6D, and X8D:

It also made its first public appearance at the local hobby shop; Access Hobbies.
FNRC FPV - The X6D - World's first micro ducted hexacopter in action (8 min 28 sec)

As for the octo, a fellow that I know happened to own one of the legendary AlienWii Octo boards. He was the first to get my octo frame airborne. Credit goes to Anthony C. for the footage.

World's first Alienflight Octo Whoop??! (1 min 33 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by FoamieNinja | Aug 10, 2016 @ 08:43 AM | 15,213 Views
So, as I was saying, the event was a decent experience, minus a few minor shortcomings. I'd most likely visit again, as long as the showers are working.

I'll admit that I may have barnstormed on the center stage on Saturday. What happened is that I was told I was to get a slot on center stage, but I kept getting slowly pushed back, until I was told that I wasn't getting the spot after all.

I took the advice of one of the awesome vendors there, and I "made my own center stage."
It was probably the best decision made for the event. I owe the vendor greatly for the advice he has given me.

I brought the beast up, two or three stations from center stage, and watched, quite shockingly as people left the stage to see what I was doing.
Utter silence fell across the stage as I spun up and lifted off. It was eerily quiet for the duration of the flight, aside from the roar of the motors.

It was great to bring the 1800 to IRCHA, and show it off a bit as well.

By the time everything had wrapped up, I've had the opportunity to meet some pretty amazing people.
The HobbyWing guys, as well as Graupner. Having the chance to talk with them and stuff. It was a great experience.
Team Gaui was great too.

Anyways, That's about it for now. Next stop: Horizon Indoor. (Permitting that the reconstruction doesn't happen until the event is over).


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Posted by FoamieNinja | Aug 10, 2016 @ 07:35 AM | 15,444 Views
Hey everyone,

Looks like this is a bit of a late update, but I was so swamped from preparing for IRCHA, I didn't have time to make a post about it, unfortunately.
That's okay though, because I have plenty of media to make up for it.
Initially, the event was off to a slow start, as there were a few issues that slightly dampened the overall experience for some.

The IRCHA Jamboree is held at the AMA Headquarters, in Muncie, IN.
It's mainly helicopter oriented, but I was surprised to see how many wings, and other aircraft there were at the event.

the main thing that put the majority of people off was that all but two of the showers were available, for the entire event, and all of the AMA staff I encountered were less than polite every time I interacted with them. That was rather shocking to me.

Issues aside, the overall layout was decent, and the attendance was good. Though I overheard that it was far less crowded than usual. Maybe about half of what's considered normal attendance.

Overall, it was a decent experience despite the minor hiccups. Plenty of vendors, and other things going on, though there was little diversity with the helicopters, aside from the scale stuff.
The scale stuff was quite breathtaking. I was especially fond of all of the AH-64 models there.

Whoops... It seems I've run out of space to upload photos for this post, so I may have to split this into two parts, to cover everything.
I'll have part two up momentarily!


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Posted by FoamieNinja | Jul 20, 2016 @ 02:43 PM | 15,676 Views
It's been a while since my last update... So I figured I should follow up with the last place I've been.

As you know, FliteFest 2016 ran last week - July 14-17, with people arriving as early as the 12th.
I arrived early Wednesday, just to see what was going on. We got everything set up, and started off a bit slow for the weekend.

Surprisingly, all of the (preregistered) camping spots filled quickly, as people began to peak around Friday.

Though it did feel a bit different than the previous year, it was still a decently well rounded experience. There were a few less-than-friendly volunteers that aimed to cause a minor stir here and there, but at the same time, I was able to meet up with those I saw from the previous year, as well as from other events.

Most notably, The RC Saylors, Greg Bowles, and a few others. All of which are amazing people.

I'll have to do a photo dump later, to cover what I had time to get footage of.

On the other side of things, this is where my tandem design was given a chance to shine. I brought the original prototype, as well as the 250, 450, and 1800mm versions. I drew quite the crowd with them, especially the latter.

The 1800 turned out to be a major success. Not only drawing a crowd of hundreds of people, It struck the interest of many others.

FNRC NinjaBite - The HCT-1800 Lifts Off. (2 min 35 sec)

FNRC Sneak Peek - The Beast comes to FliteFest 2016! (6 min 23 sec)
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Posted by FoamieNinja | Jul 05, 2016 @ 10:48 AM | 19,239 Views
I don't want to make it seem like I'm cheaping out on this entry, but I'm going to let this short video clip speak for itself.

Keep in mind, I'm only pushing 25% of it's maximum output. It has tons of power.

FNRC Sneak Peek - The HCT-1800: Pre-flight Check. (0 min 55 sec)

Once the weather clears, a maiden is in order!


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Until next time!
To Be Continued...
Posted by FoamieNinja | Jul 02, 2016 @ 06:25 PM | 17,008 Views
Hey guys,
I'm back again, And I have excellent news... Well, mostly.

The T-1800 is finished, and ready for its debut.
But the bad news is that the ESCs I have refuse to arm. More on that later though.

A quick look at this monstrous build. It stretches an impressive 8.25ft at the blade tips.

It turns out that I may have overshot the weight range I was seeking though, as I ended up at a RTF weight of 50lbs.

After I finished all of the core wiring, I installed the lights.
The best part of this is, the only thing I could find that was suitable was a set of ceiling mounted accent lights.

Despite the lights working extremely well, the thought of using something like that seems quite comical to me.

...Continue Reading
Posted by FoamieNinja | Jun 13, 2016 @ 05:25 PM | 15,666 Views
Its been a while since my last update, so I figured I should probably get one pushed out here as soon as possible.

I've been grinding hard over the past week or so in an attempt to finish the 1800, and so far I've made decent progress.
I managed to finish the motor mounts over last weekend, and get them prepared for use.

You're looking at 8HP in each photo. two pairs of 30" propellers, and motors capable of up to 5000rpm.

I've thoroughly enjoyed building this beast, despite some of the setbacks, and annoyances I've faced with the sheer size, not to mention the forces that will be applied to it.

I should have a final update very soon. Hopefully before FliteFest rolls around.
Anyway, I'm going to cut this one a bit short. Keep your eyes peeled for the finalized build!


For anyone who regularly surfs reddit, you can find a bit more detail on this update HERE and HERE.

Be sure to watch for updates via Facebook & Instagram!
Let's not forget Twitter, and YouTube as well

Until next time!
To Be Continued...
Posted by FoamieNinja | May 22, 2016 @ 01:17 AM | 16,290 Views
Hey everyone,
I finally finished it. The ground station is done, minus some minor aesthetic touches.
I've poured so much effort into completing this rather massive project, yet I feel a hint of sorrow, now that it's over...

Anyways, I'll be keeping this one rather short, I just thought I'd drop a quick update.

I'll just quickly sum up the hardware, and components here, as well as some of the numbers, and stuff.

It runs on 120/240vac, and has a peak output of 1.8/2.4kw.
It has a fully functioning stereo sound system, with a dedicated amplifier, as well as two 12v aux sockets, 3 usb 2.0 ports, a line in, and two pairs of composite outputs.
The six switches (and single momentary button) control all of the functions of the ground station; The chargers, the display, the FPV receiver, amplifier, PC, and main system power.
There are also three meters, one for the 24v output, and the other two for the split reference/isolated 12v outputs.

Indeed it has been a legendary project. I've been building this alongside the HCT-1800, as I needed a system powerful enough to charge a pair of 6 cell 16 amp hour lipo packs.

One final note, before I wrap up...
This ground station is also future-proofed. It will work with all current fpv receiver systems, as well as the newer high resolution downlink systems, such as the ones Connex manufactures.

Anyways, that pretty much sums up the majority of it.
You can see more from the album I posted via Imgur:


Be sure to watch for updates via Facebook & Instagram!
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Until next time!
To Be Continued...
Posted by FoamieNinja | May 15, 2016 @ 05:20 PM | 16,306 Views
Hey again everyone,
It's been quite a while since my last update, so I'll attempt to squeeze in a few small bits here and there to fill in the void. I've been far too busy preparing and finishing the all in one ground station these past few weeks.

I've got it mostly finished now, and everything seems stable. The only thing I need to do now is finish connecting the radio gear, and find a decent way to attach the display.

The cabling seems a bit messy right now, as I've not got everything sorted, and organized yet.
The heart of the beast is a pair of 2.4kw server power supplies, rigged in series. That gives me 24v at nearly 100 amps, (via 240vac) to work with.

The project started some time ago, when I realized that the first station I built simply wasn't fulfilling my needs.
This one will do everything, except brew coffee.
It has a FMA powerlab 8 x2 built in, as well as a full stereo sound system, with dedicated amplifier. Two 12v auxiliary jacks, a line input, 3 external USB 2 ports, and of course... A full fledged computer, equipped with a Nvidia GT 640, and and a core i3 3227U, clocked at around 1.9GHz.

Also, The display is something special too. It's a Gechic 2501C. it measures 15.6" diagonally, and features capacitive touch panel "buttons"
It operates natively at 1366x768 (though it does support 1920x1080), and has a VGA and HDMI input. It runs on 5vdc. It's also less than a half inch thick.

Not to mention, I'm currently...Continue Reading
Posted by FoamieNinja | Apr 04, 2016 @ 12:26 PM | 16,403 Views
Hey guys, I just finished unpacking, and settling down from the Toledo show.
It's been quite the event, though it seemed as if it wasn't as popular as I was told. It wasn't overly crowded, as one would expect for a show like this.

Anyways, regardless of that, I also have some good news. I managed to somehow pull off first place in the FPV class at the competition that was being hosted there. I brought the T-450 with me, and figured... Hey, why not give it a shot...

Nevermind that though for now, The main reason for this entry is to share a large image dump of all of the competitors, across each and every class.

So, here we go!


Also, Congratulations to Matt Gunn, for taking a win in the competition as well
I think it was down to the wire between the two of us. Stay awesome bro!...Continue Reading
Posted by FoamieNinja | Mar 26, 2016 @ 11:16 AM | 15,898 Views
Hey guys,
Things are slowly coming together. I have a considerable amount of content to cover this run, so, let's get to it.
Most of this stuff gets updated on my Instagram page, so if anyone has been keeping an eye on the progress there, you're mostly up to date.

First things first... The HCT-1800 frame has received a paint job, courtesy of my awesome neighbor, and founder of Glass Etch Studios
He's probably one of the nicest people that one could ever meet.

We're still working on the details of some planned artwork to give it a bit of extra flair, but that will come soon as well.

I also received the motors, servos, and a bunch of other stuff for it. Another fellow I know custom machined the motor brackets from 1/8" aluminum, as I was afraid of launching a motor from this beast upon spool-up.

...Continue Reading
Posted by FoamieNinja | Mar 11, 2016 @ 06:23 PM | 16,263 Views
Hey everyone...
It's been a bit since my last entry, I've got more mischief up my sleeve since the last time. But for now, I'm going to focus on one specific project.

A rather large one.

Everyone who has been watching my posts probably already knows about the T-250 and the T-450.

I've spiced things up a notch or two since then. I'm working on something so ridiculously large, I've begun to question my own sanity in building it.

I give you the HCT-1800. Or at least... Build progress, to date.

The main body is close to 35" long, and around 21" wide. It's also a bit over 8" tall.
Once the skids are in place, that will change, of course.

The total length should end up at around 8.25 feet (~2.6m).
About 6 feet (1.8m) motor to motor, thus the name.

It will be carrying four 9235, 100kv motors, each with 30x8 propellers. Though I do intend to put a pair of 30x10s on the bottom motors, if I can find some compatible ones to use. That should allow me to recover some of the losses from the usual coaxial setup.

The motors will be mounted on the carbon fiber boom, and a pair of Seiko PS-050 servos will drive the pivots.

To give everyone an idea of how big this setup really is, here's a shot of the servos. Keep in mind that these servos will deliver a mind-blowing 120lb/inē of torque at 12v. Pretty nifty, huh?

...Continue Reading
Posted by FoamieNinja | Mar 04, 2016 @ 07:46 PM | 17,390 Views
Hey everyone,
I may keep this one a bit short, I've been making some major progress toward finishing some of my latest builds.

One of the latest ones I'm really looking forward to finishing is the tailsitting VTOL. It was initially intended to be a scale replica of a Lockheed XFV, but then a few things changed, and it ended up being too out of proportion to be a proper one.

I designed a set of working struts for it, which have a max capacity of 20oz at full travel, each.
It should be a nice change, as there are very few VTOL aircraft like this, especially at this size.

I even kept the powerplant to scale. It uses a counter-rotating power system (Himax CR2816, to be precise).

The next big thing on the list, is the T-450. I decided to scale up the original design, and maybe make better use of it as a small camera platform, or something equivalent.
It's still incomplete as of right now, but it will be ready soon too.

...Continue Reading
Posted by FoamieNinja | Feb 19, 2016 @ 01:24 PM | 16,579 Views
Hey everyone,
I know it's been quite a while since my last entry, but I've had quite a few things happen over the past couple of weeks that I'd like to share here for now.

First things first:
I had the opportunity to travel to Champaign IL, to be a part of E-Fest this year.
It was quite the different experience, being indoors, as I'm not 100% accustomed to that, but the location they had hosted the event was considerably larger than I had initially thought.

It was hosted at the University of Illinois, in a structure called The Armory, it's basically just a giant athletic track.

I was able to meet up with several RCG'ers, as well as numerous others that were equally interested in how the event would go.
There were approximately two flying days, one of which had several events, demos, and other competitions. The second day was purely open flight, all day.

It wasn't bad overall, and I even managed to get a bit more exposure.
I even managed to maiden the Alpha Striker there, though just barely. I never thought a pair of 14000kv motors would have such power.
It wasn't in the air long though, as it was far too fast for the area it was in, and my roll rates were set way too high to boot. It was a treat to get back on the ground with such sensitive stick input.
Oh, and did I mention that it's loud?

In a nutshell, E-Fest was a blast.
Oh, I even had the opportunity to meet some fellow YouTubers.
The RcSaylors. Don't forget to check them out!
They even...Continue Reading
Posted by FoamieNinja | Jan 02, 2016 @ 01:19 AM | 17,526 Views
Hey guys,

First off, I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas, and a great New Year!
Now that the holidays have moved forward, I'm going to attempt to do the same thing.

Before i get into the gist of it, I've been working on a solid design for my coaxial motor mount for the hybrid tandems I'm building, and will soon be putting up for sale.
I've got a larger mount in the testing phase, which should hopefully support a pair of 12" propellers each.

I may have to adapt the mount for a larger servo to compensate for the torque generated. Though interestingly, most of the actual torque caused by rotational forces is negated by the fact that's coaxial.
I'll post a few images of the new mounting system in the next update. I just wanted to plant a seed in preparation for the sudden announcement.

Back on topic!

The Alpha Striker.
I know I've been putting this one off for quite some time, due to other circumstances, but I've finally gotten around to working on the airframe again. It's nearly complete, so there's not much longer to wait now.

Let me start off with the powerplant. Keeping in mind that this is only a 21" aircraft, it will be powered by a pair... Not one, but two 14,000kv motors. No, that isn't a typo.

They'll each spin a 1.875" (approx. 45mm) Propeller, at around 100,000RPM. Think about that for a moment.

Here's a sneak peek of one being spun up. Be warned, it's loud.
CSRC - Alpha Striker - Breaking The 100,000RPM
...Continue Reading
Posted by FoamieNinja | Dec 17, 2015 @ 08:34 PM | 17,228 Views
Apologies for the slight delay, I've been in a rush to finish up some of my other projects.

Following up from part one, I have a few more things that I need to cover today. So, let's get right into it!

First things first, I've recently acquired a rather large cutting laser, and I've been working on drawing up some designs for packaging and sale as of late.
These being my first early experiences with Adams foamboard, they're surprisingly well refined. I figured that there would be more issues with the design process than this.

First up, we have the Foam51:

It wasn't the first foamboard model that I've drawn up and cut, but it was the most prominent at the time.

It spans 36" and is fully capable of carrying a wide variety of motors, depending on the performance desired.
the custom universal mount will easily adapt to motor cans ranging from 28-35mm with no changes to the mounting plate.
A net weight of ~18-20oz. makes for an extremely light and forgiving craft, but with plenty of room to perform, as well.
It also supports full house controls, and encourages use of flaperon mixing.

CSRC - Foam51 - Maiden Voyage! (4 min 32 sec)

And then there's my tribute to FliteFest 15'
If you recall in my last post about FliteFest, I mentioned a design that I referred to as "Airforce None."
I transferred all of the dimensions of the original design into Illustrator, and finalized a "mass producible" version, to commemorate the combat sessions at this...Continue Reading