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Posted by Warbirds65 | Dec 06, 2019 @ 08:36 PM | 4,423 Views
Removed some old monokote covering from this plan and recovering with Oratex I picked up from Balsa USA. The reasons for removing the old covering, I had some minor wing damage from handling the plane and picking up the wings, and the covering would tighten up any more like it use to. So I decided to just recover the whole plane. I am going back with the same color scheme as was on it going to add some other graphics. I have been researching the internet and looking at RC Decals for ideas. The whole plane is white including the top of the wings the bottom of the wings are yellow on the left and orange on the right wing. The elevator and rudder are going to covered in a yellow and black checkered pattern like the old P-47 that use to be sold by Top Flight .

The body of the plan is 48 inches and the wings are 64 inches and it is a profile plane, I am not sure of the manufacture I did purchase this plane from a gentleman on this site 10 years ago. So when I made the decision to redo the covering it was a tuff one for multiple reasons. 1 I have never recovered a whole plane before, 2 If I [email protected]#$ it up I might lose a plane I really enjoy flying. If anyone reads this and thinks they can ID the plane that would be helpful.