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Posted by Gregor99 | Aug 11, 2013 @ 04:21 PM | 12,586 Views
Here is my case for the Dual Powerlab. Note that the unit in these pictures is prototype used in the beta program. Production units will have a fit and finish more like the Powerlab6 and Powerlab8.

The project uses inexpensive aluminum case from Harbor Freight. There are two DPS-1001AB supplies running in parallel. 2000 watts from 220v and slightly less running on 120v. Two switches control power to the supplies separately. Status LEDs next to each switch let you know if the supply is on or if has faulted and turned off.

A third switch provides a high/low fan control. As the only fans in the case are those in the supply its important to be able to turn up the airflow when things get warm. Inside the case, airflow is controlled and all air is channeled through the supplies. The air intake is behind and below the charger. There's air gap between the main deck and base for the charger. There's also a large inlet near the back of the charger where rear supply support is sits.