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Posted by phil alvirez | May 31, 2017 @ 09:05 AM | 7,787 Views
that sinking feeling

i mean, what was i thinking?
besides me not worrying about remembering things, as memory begins to loose its grip after 50, there are other things that contribute to making things for me harder to remember. as time from the moment i place an order from orient, to the moment it arrives, has gone from 9 days to over 3 months, when that order arrives i dont know what for was it intended, or how to do what i was thinking at the moment. even if took notes.
besides, as there is nothing to do about it while i wait, in the meantime i embark into another project. and another. and another. so now i find myself with so many things half way, and not remembering what or how to finish them.
and what about you? does it happen the same to you?
Posted by phil alvirez | May 22, 2017 @ 07:01 PM | 10,263 Views
1/72 Horten XVIII B2
this is a static model built by my son Luis, starting with drawings of the project, and with a structure of balsa and plastic rods, mouldings of resin, and planked with 1/32" balsa and then sheeted with paper-thin balsa tinted, and coated with clear varnish, piece-by-piece, to look like the real size that was made same way with plywood. parts snap together with magnets.
The Horten H.XVIII was a proposed German World War II intercontinental bomber, designed by the Horten brothers with pioneering features such as a flying wing configuration, turbojet engines and stealth characteristics. The unbuilt H.XVIII represented, in many respects, a scaled-up version of the Horten Ho 229, a prototype jet fighter. The H.XVIII was one of many proposed designs for an Amerika Bomber, and would have carried sufficient fuel for transatlantic flights.
The B2 model of the H.XVIII was based on the airframe of the H.XVIIIA with a huge tail. It had an MG 151 turret set in the middle rear of the wing and with six BMW 003 turbojets slung under the wings; this was designed by Messerschmitt and Junkers engineers. It is uncertain if this overall design was directly developed by the Horten brothers or their manufacturer, as there is little surviving evidence of this proposed version. It was eventually rejected by the Horten brothers, as it was not a major improvement over the Ho XVIIIA.

Horten Ho XVIII-B2 -Span 42m (137' 9") Length 19m (62' 4") Maximum...Continue Reading
Posted by phil alvirez | May 14, 2017 @ 12:16 PM | 8,521 Views
memory and knowledge
all my life i tried to understand. never worried about memorizing. but now that am not as young, i have found a way to memorize better by using images. picturizing. like watching a movie. still there are many things that require memorizing many details without making any mistake or forgetting something. like flying my planes. and keeping reactions sharp.
there is a video called 'the reaction time' that i practice several times every day. still, in the past 10 years i have been doing and learning many things related to model airplanes (see my blog) , and i realize that i have forgotten most of them too. and now that i have to deal with computerized radios and programming and mixes, am into an even more complex situation that demands knowledge beyond my experience and knowledge.
in my early years i learned about systems like ibm and took training and courses about each piece of equipment and got a certificate on each in punched cards. became supervisor, and worked on the improvements until retired. but now everyting is beyond the wildest imagination, and i had to learn, with the help of my son, the basics on how to use a comp, and be able to reach to the internet and learn way faster than ever. but never took a course on this.
nowadays i have 13 gliders, 2 meters wingspan, with electric motors, ready to fly, that demand perfect coordination and functioning. am learning many things and experimenting and enjoying the hobby more than i could ever...Continue Reading
Posted by phil alvirez | May 10, 2017 @ 01:03 AM | 8,808 Views
out of place.
walking with my wife at waikiki (hawaii) in the evening, we heard music coming from a piano bar. they were playing melodies from Agustin Lara, a very well known and prolific composer from mexico from the 40's, so we entered the place and saw a woman at the piano. i asked her about the music and she said that she was from the filipines, and that music was very popular there, and so the music from other mexican composers too. this reminds me that in japan they love the music from Armando Manzanero, another composer from mexico. and in russia the pop music from america was (is) very popular, even if was forbidden with severe punishment to those who played it. and at WW II the germans listened clandestinely to the music from Glenn Miller. in WW I soldiers played a melody called 'beer beer barrel' at both sides, although with different lyrics.
at the end of the day, people's feelings expressed through music dont know of boundaries or restrictions imposed by leaders: it comes from the heart.
if only the world followed the music from the people, would be no wars...
like that song that says: "give peace a chance"