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Posted by dedStik | Jul 30, 2014 @ 12:07 PM | 92,767 Views
So my first attempt, well far from my first, my previous attempt failed. I am determined to quit. A few people I work with are/were smokers and have gotten some of the e-cigarette vaporizors, they've had a good deal of success in stopping their cigarette habit though now they have a vaping habit. Well I decided to look into one for myself and went and purchased one this passed Saturday.

Results so far have been positive. I bought it Saturday afternoon around 1 pm, I was riding in the car and had one cigarette left in a pack and 1 unopened pack. I decided to smoke that last cigarette and then give the e-cig a rigorous break in. I ended up not smoking an actual cigarette until 11:30 pm Saturday night. So I'm thinking there is something to these things. Here I am in 4 days now and in that time frame I have opened that other unopened pack I had from Saturday and gone through it and I've purchased a pack this morning, it's the first pack I've purchased since Saturday. So in 4 or so days of having this thing I have gone through about 2 packs. The significance of this is that smoking for me is about a 2 pack a day habit. So if you break it down I've gone from about 40 cigarettes per day to 10 per day.

I am hoping by the end of this week to cut out smoking entirely. I plan on not smoking for 3 months, solely relying on the e-cig during that time to get my nicotine fix. After 3 months I will change my e-juice to the non-nicotine variety so I can get the vape feeling but not the...Continue Reading
Posted by dedStik | Feb 04, 2014 @ 05:26 PM | 93,895 Views
So here I am, 40-something. I started smoking cigarettes around 14 or 15 years of age. I have few health issues other than getting the annual bronchitis attack, this year I'm on my second of the year, big poo on that. So I've decided that today will be my last day as a smoker. Tomorrow morning when I wake up, I'm going to start my life as a non-smoker! No substituting smokeless cigarettes in place of the real thing, no patches, no nicotine gum in fact no nicotine anything.

I hope to update you all with my progress or lack there-of, maybe someone will read this and decide to take the leap and attempt to live their life smoke free as well.

I have quit once before, a few years ago I quit again without any aid or nicotine substitute, I managed to go a whopping 3 days, on the 4th day I broke down. I did notice that after the third day craving weren't particularly bad, not really sure why I decided to smoke on day 4. This time, no smoking ever again.

I plan to watch my food intake as well, I don't want to start eating tons replacing one bad habit with another. I'm over weight now so I am planning on having some sort of exercise regime in place by week 2, sooner if I feel I'm able. I'm currently tipping the scales at around 260 lbs, which for my height 6'2" isn't that bad.

Well look for tomorrows status update.