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Posted by v8truckin | Feb 06, 2013 @ 11:06 PM | 34,182 Views
Heres my build:

This is a great flying plane probably the best finish I have ever seen in a foam plane. I thought back in January of 2011 when the Freewing Su35 was released that that was the best finished foamie, but 1 yr later it no longer is.

Setup/power system

2/twin - 2200 kv RCL/CP inrunner motors


2/twin - Cyclone Power 10blade fans


2 - LX shrouds

2 - 85a FMS ESC's

1 - CC bec

1 - AR6200 w/satelitte

EC5 connectors

5000mah 6s lipos


Static thrust test

Here are my static thrust tests with my CS10 setup. Stock FW setup that i ran on my Su35 (2300kv motors and CR fans) which is the same stock setup on the me262 pushed about 100a and 2700g thrust. Watt meter is rated for 130a continuous, but peak bursts (ive read) up to 150a. Gonna have to get a high rated wattmeter.

Me262 #s

Gens Ace 5300 60C 6s

3131g - flying weight

3523 - static thrust






*Sequencing inner gear doors:

2 - Towerpro SG50 SG 50 5g Micro Mini Servo

*Lighted instrument panels

*R4M missles and mounts (still working on em)


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Posted by v8truckin | Aug 30, 2012 @ 11:56 PM | 29,974 Views
So I've been flying my SU35 since release in January. Did a whole lot work to her to get her the way I wanted her to look and fly. Added a wing cam to record inflight and decided to move it to the vertical stab. well that made her a lil tail heavy and on 1st landing attempt almost stalled her. 2nd go around decided to land hot so she wouldnt stall and she bounced and nose into the ground from about 3' up. I've got a spare in the closet but decided not to rebuild and pull everything since the time u spent on mods and weathering and painting. So this is the progress from repair to flight after repairs.

Crash vid

SU35 Crash (5 min 53 sec)

Aftermath pics


1st day repairs


2nd day repairs


final Repairs and flight

Posted by v8truckin | Mar 07, 2012 @ 07:50 PM | 31,425 Views
Thanks to Antaeus for this vision!

Here are a list of parts, but if you have another vendor feel free to add a link. Im always looking for other vendors to get parts from.

1 - 12" or 18" (prefered) http://www.rocketchutes.com/ or an LX chute from mig or A-10 ( not as durable as the linked chute but works, I used it for awhile before upgrading)

1 - shock chord http://www.amainhobbies.com/product_...rce=google_ext

1 - Spring loaded canopy hatches (white)(order atleast 2) http://www.milehighrc.com/accessories.htm


1 - 9g servo w/single arm servo arm

1 - single arm servo arms minus servo

Freewing SU35 Cam rear Drogue Chute (2 min 31 sec)

Freewing SU35 airbrake mod (2 min 23 sec)
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