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Posted by nickeast | Apr 13, 2010 @ 07:20 AM | 11,105 Views
Phazor 36 is getting close to being done.... just needs some "stuff to make it fly"
Posted by nickeast | Apr 07, 2010 @ 01:54 PM | 11,406 Views
I have designed a new wing... "PHAZOR 36"

I have named it “PHAZOR 36” if there are other wings with this name … Sorry I wasn’t aware of it… So….

The wing is Dow, and it has a 36” span. Root Chord is 12” and the Tip is 8”. The elevons are 2” wide… the distance between the inside edges is 11” so I’m thinking a 10” prop max. The construction is what I refer to as standard…. I have several vids on the build of a basic wing with the sharp Leading Edge…. When you draw out the outlines, keep in mind the middle piece is not the full 8” wide because of the Sharp LE. The wing sweep is 40 degrees… this is equal to 15” back from the nose. Notice the middle piece of foam is 17” back from the nose and the “root” starts at 3” back from the nose to allow for the sharp LE. This “hollow” area between the middle piece and the LE can be used to route servo wires. Notice the area, at the inside edges of the elevons is not cut out… it extends 3 and ¼ inches aft of the 12” root mark…. I think that we generally have some problems with the placement of “stuff” and getting the CG within the limits… I used the regular calculator that is on the website and came up with a CG range of 8.5” to 9.5” aft of the LE.

Anyway the extra foam can be removed at anytime after some tinkering with placement for the final motor mount. Check post #55 at this link:

This will show the wedge of foam that will...Continue Reading