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Posted by nicoyenny | Nov 08, 2010 @ 11:08 AM | 9,038 Views
Well, I finished my Icare Magellan-E XL. This had to be one of me easiest planes ever in terms of building, I did put it together during lunch breaks at work in the course of five days.

Maiden was on Friday, and boy, it does fly! . Although it has a 2.5 meter wingspan, it looks as "small" as the Gem when you are up there looking for thermals, it likes to glide forever, and landing was so easy I didn't even had to use flaps.

What is my only complain? the colors; same covering on top and bottom of the wings makes for an uncomfortable flight. I got white testors already to paint some stripes for better contrast.

Now, with the daylight savings blah blah blah, I will no longer be able to go and fly after work on Fridays. For the first time (in the life of a winter weather lover) I am missing summer