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Posted by jcats | Dec 22, 2009 @ 04:57 PM | 64,454 Views
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With all these 'limit your dang launch!' threads popping up, maybe I should change my rcgroups name title to just "Fly low..."

I kind of understand where folks are coming from. I've been watching a lot of TD and F3J/B winch launches and I think that these 3M planes waaaaayyy over-launched...

F3K is a little bit different. Discus launching is all about the person launching the plane, not winches or batteries or monofilament or bungies. It's more a self-expression and an art. When done properly, it can produce great results.

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I've heard this so many times in contests while I'm timing for folks on the 5x2s...
"Oh well, that was only a 1:30 flight... I now have time to stand and look around..."

What the ffff???.... Are you so sure that you're gonna make all the other 2min flights? Throw that friggin' plane! You DON'T have time to look around!

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For something a little different from what a lot of folks are used to--
Some folks actually paint their launch blades with some bright color so it's easier to focus on.

I sort of do it differently-- I don't look or focus on the blade; instead, LOOK at the wingtip and FOCUS on the plane.
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