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Posted by ledi | Jan 08, 2020 @ 02:38 PM | 3,904 Views
My Fleet

A short collection of all my different RC-things. Most of them are multicopters, but not all.

iFlight MegaBee
Name: IMG_20190620_173453.jpg
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My cinewhoop which I use for filming various things, indoors and outdoors.
I would like to fly this and film more than I get to.

Rotorbuilds page.

3x iFlight Dove V3
No pictures yet, WIP.
My racing quads, three identical builds.

Name: IMG_20180917_200008.jpg
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A very weird quadcopter I built out of curiosity to the flight charasteristics of such an extreme z-frame.

Rotorbuilds page.

6" Martian IV
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