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Posted by voxel | Dec 07, 2014 @ 11:51 PM | 10,333 Views
Two years ago, I crashed a lot of planes when I was learning to fly but the past year maybe only 4 crashes (out of hundreds of flights) so my hangar has ballooned to a point where I need to trim about 5-10 planes out. Lol

Beast 60e
Sebart Miss Wind
CMP Cougar 90mm
CMP T45 90mm
HK Mig15 90mm
Shulman Aviation Cougar 70mm
SAPAC ViperJet 70mm
Finwing Penguin (FPV)
RangeVideo RVJet (FPV)
Freewing F18 90mm
Stinger 90mm
Extreme Flight Edge 540 60"
TB Models Panther 90mm
Great Planes Phazer EDF
Airfield Sonic 90mm
Goldberg Cub .46 (electric)
Exceed Mig15 70mm
Electrifly Mister Mulligan
Extreme Flight 78" Extra
Habu 32

Just gave away an FMS T28 (1400mm), PA Electric Shock, Kunai, Great Planes SlowPoke and retired all my Habu 2s.
Posted by voxel | Mar 23, 2013 @ 01:00 AM | 12,875 Views
After experiencing multiple ordering (wrong items sent) and customer support problems (they appear friendly but are actually incompetent) and just plain awful products - i.e Turnigys (non nano-techs) are garbage lipos.

I've already found alternatives to HobbyKing and most of what they stock can be found better elsewhere so I'm not losing out:

www.valuehobby.com (love the GForce lipos)
www.headsuprc.com (servos, motors, etc.)
www.falconsekido.com (Hobbywing ESCs - rebranded at HobbyKing)
www.x-flight.com.hk (CS fans, retracts)
www.rc-castle.com (various)
www.pw-rc.com (FMS parts)
www.parkrcmodels.com (Lander fans!)
www.towerhobbies.com (planes!)
www.hobbypartz.com (various)
Posted by voxel | Jan 30, 2013 @ 11:16 AM | 12,852 Views
You have to deal with winds!

I flew my PZ T28D this morning in some chair blowing-over gusts. Thankfully the wind dies around 4-5pm most days...


Wind: 180 at 23 mph
Gusting to: 30 mph
Posted by voxel | Dec 16, 2012 @ 08:28 PM | 13,133 Views
My new club is having a neat little RC air show. The field is beautiful and the members are awesome.

Posted by voxel | Sep 01, 2012 @ 10:29 PM | 13,790 Views
EDIT: Nitroplanes is sending me a replacement wing for free!

Its a nice looking plane that arrived nicely (mostly) preassembled except for one major quality control issue so far

When the wings are attached the left and right sides are not level because the north/top hole on the right side was drilled 15mm too low. The right side twists upwards as the left side has both carbon rod support holes drilled level but on the right they are not. I doubt this jet will fly straight at all. I will have to drill another hole myself or not use the top carbon rod.
Posted by voxel | Aug 29, 2012 @ 07:49 PM | 13,733 Views
Phase 3 F16 (quality build so far)
SkyAngel F18 (replacement for my F16)
Freewing F9F panther (seems like a solid jet - no warping like one of my SkyAngels)
Freewing F86 (also seems very solid)
Great Planes Phazer (in a box)
Exceed F86 90mm (also in a box)
SkyAngel Kanata (ordered from Hobbyb)
SkyAngel Screamer (ordered from Hobbyb)

Yes, lots of planes over the past 2 weeks. I have an addiction, but this addiction is a blast.
Posted by voxel | Aug 29, 2012 @ 07:46 PM | 16,164 Views
Having bought 20+ planes over the past 3 months and learning to fly... there have been a good share of ups and downs. I love the Eflite UMXes even though they are overpriced and the SkyAngel jets were a blast while they lasted.

However, the worst plane to own by far has been the FMS mini F6F Hellcat. I've owned numerous planes from Banana Hobby, but if I could give this a negative rating I would. Why?

- Extremely tail heavy unless you add tons of nose weight.
- Extra weight just adds to the high wind load.
- Fragile (easily bendable) motor shaft which are not easy to replace.
- Hard to find original motor (replace this immediately with something else)
- Brittle 3-blade propeller. They break if you breathe on them.
- 3-blade prop out of stock everywhere except PW-RC for $5 a piece.
- 20A ESC is underpowered for this plane.
- Parts (spinner, prop, etc.) are difficult to source.

The positive? It looks real nice...

My Parkzone T28D is a frankenstein of parts. It's taken crashes ten times worse than the FMS mini and survived. The mini touches a curb and fractures... argh.

I about to trash this piece of junk since I got an used Eflite Hawker Seafury.
Posted by voxel | Aug 29, 2012 @ 07:37 PM | 13,662 Views
A few foamies in the went up to RC graveyard in the sky over the past few weeks. Loved the Mig.

Sky Angel Mig15 (50mm EDF)
Sky Angel F16 (50mm EDF)
Parkzone Stryker 180
Posted by voxel | Aug 14, 2012 @ 08:53 AM | 13,494 Views
How does the current 12% off with NPWARBIRDS12 add up? It doesn't!


Airfield P-47 750mm RC Warbirds (same as FMS) - $62.40
Shipping - $24.62
Tax: - $0.00
12% savings: - ($7.49)
Total: - $79.53

Banana Hobby:

Mini P-47 Thunderbolt ARF by FMS - $65.90
Shipping - $13.17
Total - $79.07

Shipping is killer on NP
Posted by voxel | Aug 04, 2012 @ 08:26 PM | 13,702 Views
My RC flying field is having a swap meet in two weeks. It's an active and lively group.



I95 to Okeechobee Road (Fort Pierce)
West on Okeechobee Road (past the County Fairgrounds)
South on Carlton Road (also known as State Hwy 613 South)
Turn west onto Germany Canal Road.
After 3 turns, the field entrance is a farm gate.
Dirty road leads to the field area.
Posted by voxel | Jul 31, 2012 @ 07:21 PM | 13,351 Views
In order of purchase (not all built or flown yet...)

Parkzone Ember 2
Parkzone Ultra Micro P51
Parkzone T28D
Banana Hobby B17
Parkzone Habu
Dynam Meteor
Banana Hobby MX2
Precision Aerobatics Electric Shock
FMS Sky Trainer
Cermark/ZD Fly Cessna 182
FMS 800mm Hellcat
Sky Angel Mig15 (50mm EDF)
Sky Angel F16 (50mm EDF)
Parkzone Ultra Micro Stryker 180
Eflite Ultimate 20-300
Art-Tech (Banana Hobby) Pitts Special
UMX Beast 3D AS3X
UMX Mig15 AS3X
RACores Yak 54 profile EPP plane