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Posted by joolstacho | Jan 01, 2020 @ 03:16 AM | 2,834 Views
Lance Langham. Flying high now, as always.

If you believe in heaven, well that’s where this extraordinary flyer is soaring now.
I met Lance many years ago, when I ventured up to Mount Hollowback Ballarat to fly my ‘Tequila’ (An Aussie pirated version of the better known Aquila thermaller).
I was, like most beginners, in more than a bit of trouble! I had designed and built quite a few ‘imaginitive’ freeflight aircraft so I wasn’t an absolute mug, but…

Lance was there, saw my plight, obviously took pity on me and took me under his wing, and from there I didn’t look back because Lance was a patient and talented instructor. And just wonderful company too.

As well as the flying, we had a mutual interest in the design and construction, as well as the aeronautical aspects. (I had been reading the classic ‘Circular Airflow’ by Frank Zaic, a seminal work on aeronautical / model design). But I think that Lance had been listening to the Hawks and Wedgies because he had the advantage!
Lance was a good instructor… very good, but not that good that I suddenly stopped crashing! I soon realized that I needed to mold my own aircraft because I couldn’t possibly keep buying them.
So fiberglass molds, airfoil templates, foam cores, hotwire cutters, wing presses etc became de-rigeur. For many years Lance and I exchanged ideas on all this, which was a great delight. But, and get this clear, whilst my designs worked pretty well, Lance’s were well ahead. He had an instinctive feel for...Continue Reading