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Here's my maiden of the B-26 Widowmaker. It got sporty a few times
Dynam B-26 Marauder [Widowmaker] RC Plane Maiden Flight (12 min 54 sec)

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One problem after another !

A) Servos plugged in the wrong way - Rud and Ele in the wrong servo ports on the Rx board
B) They used 4 pin servos ( B hives )
C) The control arms for the Ailerons were hitting the fuselage , no clearance for them . ( Idiots )
D) Rudder and ail servo arms needed to be re fit as they were not right ( Angle )
E) Battery does not fit . I had to cut foam away from the battery bay so that I could fit the battery into the fuselage . Without cutting , no way the battery would fit .
F) The transmitter belongs in the rubbish bin . Butt , and it's a big butt ! This is the RTF version with stability .
G) Stupid not using a mainstream protocol - like - Frsky - Flysky - DSM2 - S-FHSS ( Really stupid )

Oh well ! This is the plane I have wanted for a long time . And unfortunately it is so far some what disappointing due to all the work needed to just make it work . Off all the reviews I have seen , not one complaint or criticism . ( What the parking lot ) . This one , there was plenty to complain about ! In fact there is no way I would recommend this to a new person to the hobby , not even as a second or 3rd model . If how ever you are a Veteran RC person , then you should be capable of assessing and correcting problems as you go along .

To any and all reviewers that have told porkies about the super cub ( eat dirt ) .
It's getting so you cant trust anyone any more ! Either that or I am the only person to get a problem child ( What are the odds of that = I better check my lottery ticket - might be onto another winner )

Next I guess is a flight or crash video ..

Motor draws 8.9A on the factory supplied prop ..
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I decided to do an upscale of my YF-12 Interceptor kit. This is the interceptor version of the A-12 that was used for testing the Aim-47 missile and by Nasa for high speed/altitude testing. One was lost in an accident, another was damaged and was later used to splice onto the remains of an SR-71 to become an SR-71C, the only survivor is in the USAF museum in Dayton. It had shorter truncated strakes because of the round nose cone that contained the radar. This caused some stability issues and lower fins and a foldable centeral fin were used to help, due to landing issues I left off the lower fins.

This model uses 2.6" lightweight tubing and cone, 9mm depron wing with 1/8" carbon spars, 3 in the wing about 10" apart. Elevon control running a single 500mah 1s lipo in the nose for power to the rx and hs-65hb servos. 27.5 oz rtf with a 32mm G-12 RC motor. Videos show two flights with 24-25 year old motor reloads that were sealed and stored properly, however one burned in 4 seconds instead of 8 and was very fast, one burned in 10 seconds and with less thrust than normal, but the model handled it great, trim and glide settings were perfect and it was very docile.

Large YF-12/SR-71 RC Rocket glider (2 min 40 sec)

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Halloa RC poeple..

I recently compiled a video for people that are new to self-building (or maybe RE-building) multirotors.. In this reasonably short part of the build I'll be throwing the latest Betaflight firmware onto the FC and doing a first general swoop of the settings
And if you Are new to this, there will be tips & tricks in the video you want to know about..

Link to the stack I am using here: Diatone / Mamba F722S Pro + F50 ESC

Hope this helps you out!

Perfect 5" FPV Drone Build Guide - P6: BETAFLIGHT 4.1.x CONFIGURATION (32 min 5 sec)

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This my detailed Unboxing Of The E-flite UMX Turbo Timber BNF Basic UMX RC Plane:

Detailed Unboxing Of The E-flite UMX Turbo Timber BNF Basic UMX RC Plane (14 min 3 sec)

Here are my Review Notes for this E-flite UM Turbo Timber:

- Wheel plastic piece update over the first E-flite UMX Timber
- It has a 3-bladed prop like the E-flite UMX Cirrus
- A higher 3400kv brushless motor comes with it for more power
- The plane can fly with 550’s as seen in some of my videos.
- Its lights all over the plane are awesome!
- The new chipset they use in this Timber UM allows for telemetry, just not the new advanced Smart Telemetry!

- Longer nose compared to the original UMX Timber.
- Shorter flight times compared to the Ultra Micro Timber.
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For Keven Schneider,

Here's that OS 60 FP. I ran it a couple of years ago on a Cloud Dancer. I bought it from ebay and thought it had been run, but it wasn't broken in yet. Now it has a few hours on it and the compression is very good.
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Bee 490 flying wing (17 min 44 sec)

Flying my Bee 490 ..
CG is about 105mm

It was impossible to trim for level flight !
The bee was either climbing or diving ( gently )
There was no level flight .
I attribute this to the CG still being too far back @ 105mm from the nose .
The wing turns tight .
I was flying this small wing slowly , and I think very close to stall !
In fact I did stall it one time .
I also crashed it in the video cos I took my eyes of it for a moment , that was just long enough for the Bee to hunt the ground . ( No damage )
But the bee did fling the battery and voltage tester alarm . ( damage could have resulted )

Hindsight !

@ 105mm CG there is still instability
I would change my suggestion and offer a 90mm to 100mm CG location .
The Bee can fly slowly , but I think I was flying close to stall speed ( Risky business )
Next time , will be with the 1000mAh 2s and the 100mm CG
Flying weight was 143.4 grams = Porky ! for a 490mm wing .
No wonder I stalled it into the ground that one time ( on video )
Flight time = Over ten minutes and the battery was 3.9v per cell when I called it .
Battery voltage checker alarm was set to 3.7v ( never got there )

Would I recommend a Bee 490 = Oh hell yeah ! Mine is Porky , build it to 100grams or less and you will be rewarded with an
incredible flight envelope . Crash survive ability and with the right power combo , some really nice flight time . The power to weight on this one is just under 1:1 and if I went 3s I could probably rule the world . ( Not really ) On 3s this would be so fast .

The Bee 490 is after all a twin wing kit ! , and my next one will be 18650 .....
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I got the B-26 put together and covered my experience with it in this video:

Dynam B-26 Marauder RC Plane Build Review (18 min 28 sec)

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Turned the river jet into a moomba wake boat!
Posted by Spit100 | Feb 23, 2020 @ 08:49 PM | 2,176 Views
Since 2014 I have enjoyed figuring out how to build and fly some odd and Nugly planes. I always have a few in progress on the bench. Anyway, for me, there is no better way to relax than focus on a model.

The models are always semi scale in that I only add significant scale details to make the model feel more scale than they are.

Lately I have been picking scales to end up around a maximum of 72” wing span so I don’t have to disassemble then.

Jon (Spit100)
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Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

Ultra Power UP-S4AC Battery charger review. In this UP-S4AC Battery charger review I include unboxing, inspection, functions, features & charging tests with 1s & 2s Lipo & LiHV batteries.

You can get this Ultra Power UP-S4AC 4x7W 1A AC/DC 1S-2S LiPO/LiHV 2S-6S NiMH/NiCd Battery Charger with SM XH Micro MX JST mCPX here:

UP-S4AC Battery charger review - 1 - 2S Lipo LiHV & 2 - 6S NiMH & NicD (13 min 7 sec)

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Hi all.
I am new to this site and am finding it hard to navigate through it. I'm not sure if this post will work so would really appreciate an acknowledgement if it does.
After a few years of looking online for free usable downloadable plans I have now bought the plans for a 1/23 scale Mosquito. It is designed for control line which was a disappointment but I am hoping to convert it to radio control. Another challenge after the adaptation will be I have never flown one before. I have however built 3 rubber powered planes before. 2 Spitfires and an FW 190 all of which did fly. I joined this site primarily to learn more about radio control equipment and where and how to place the servo's, receiver and control rods. Any help with these would be gratefully received.

So onto the build the build log.
The plans I have state that almost all the parts are 1/16 inch balsa. My first thought was that's ok for control line but is it strong enough for landing. I have traced all the parts I will need to make and then photocopied them. The wing plan and fuselage side and plan view then had to joined together with 3 sheets of A4. The Idea being not to use the original plans too much incase I need them again. Another problem with the plans is that the wings and fuselage are built in a split section so the top half of the fuselage and the top of the wings are built on the plans with the lower halves added after. This is something else I haven't done before. I'll maybe see if I can modify this to build in the conventional way.
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CSD Vortex
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I decided last month to build something that I could hang my much loved OS FS-20 four-stroke engine on. It's a great running little engine that deserves to be flown, so after a search through the piles of plans on Outerzone, I settled on a 150%-enlarged version of Joost Bakker's "Bugaboo" free-flight sport design from the early '90s. I got the whole thing built in just under a month, and flew it for the first time yesterday. What a fun little machine! And, it's the perfect choice for the diminuitive OS engine. Great match-up, I'd say! Build thread here.

Maiden flight:

February 22, 2020 (1 min 16 sec)

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If you will.please go to Callie Sodom of Callie Grafix you can find a link to post in an open letter to the F.A.A. your comment regarding the proposed regulation of air operations in the 400' ooerational sector,which has LONG been freely used by _line of site radio control fixed winged flyers. They say follow the $$ and apparently the powers that be think we are going to let them take this air space AWAY from us in order for commercial drones to make small package deliveries!
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Needful Things - Micro Low Profile Velcro for Micro Planes - Why is this Difficult to Find?

Here is a link to the Video:

After receiving the Kit for the MinimumRC B-25 Mitchell Bomber, I noticed it had some very nice Low Profile Micro Velcro for attaching the LIPOs to the side of the Fuselage.
The Velco Adhesive and the Hook & Loop hold the LIPO very well indeed, and it's very Low Profile Velcro.
I decided I wanted to get some more of this Micro Low Profile Velcro for other Micro Plane Projects.
I discovered it's not as easy to find as I first thought.

#GroundControlRC #GlueAndFly #ScratchBuildPlanes #MicroPlanes #LowProfileVelcro #MicroVelcro #ParkZone

Here are links to what I found:

Ultra Thin Velcro

ParkZone Ultra Micro Hook & Loop Tape Set (5)

ParkZone Ultra Micro Hook & Loop Tape Set (5)

See you in the Air!

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Ground Control RC™ Glue & Fly™ Series Scratch-Build Planes

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Here she is out is out the winter sun.
This is the first time in about 20yrs that I have covered a whole plane with the Burnished silver / Chrome , last time it was monokote this is the HK silver .

Next up cover the wing